Fix Fortnite ‘Ineligible for Event’ Error

Fix Fortnite 'Ineligible For Event' Error

Popular battle royale game Fortnite has recently released its new update 17.20. In this new update, we can see several changes that include in-game items and new weapons. However, with every update, players experience new issues and glitches regularly. And these problems prevent players from playing this incredible game. One of the recent bugs players are facing is the ‘Ineligible for event’ error. And because of this problem, players are unable to join the server. We know, it’s frustrating and so we have gathered some of the possible solutions here. Let’s find out how to fix Fortnite ‘Ineligible for event’ error.

Fix Fortnite 'Ineligible For Event' Error

How to Fix Fortnite ‘Ineligible for Event’ Error

Here are some of the possible solutions which are based on the internet connection of the players and the strength between the server and the device.

1. Disconnect the game from the internet and rejoin again

This is the first solution you can try out. Disconnect the game from the internet connection and then again rejoin it. Also, you can reset your Wi-Fi router. For this, you will need to plug out your internet router, wait for 30 to 40 seconds, and then again plugin.

2. Keep trying to connect to the servers

One of the main reasons for this problem to occur is heavy traffic on the servers and so players are unable to connect to the servers. So, the best fix is to keep trying to connect to the servers. 

3. Try to change your region

It may be possible that the region in which you’re in, the event doesn’t run and so you’re not eligible. Some users on Reddit say to try to change your region.  

4. Restart the device

If the above solutions don’t work then you can try to restart your gaming device. This way, it will clear all the caches that clogging the bandwidth.

Since numerous players are having the same issue, patience can be the last resort. Wait for some time until the servers resume the services.

That’s everything you need to know how to Fix Fortnite’s‘ Ineligible for Event’ error. Also, check out the next post – How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 0 ‘Please Restart Your Client’.

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