Fix Fortnite Freezing PC Cannot Close Game 2021

Does Fortnite keep freezing on your PC? You are not alone, recently many players are suffering from the same issue. It is extremely annoying and you can’t close the game normally because of this issue. But do not worry! It can be fixed easily using the following guide.

How to Fix Fortnite freezing PC Cannot Close Game 2021

Here we have provided a few methods that have already helped many Fortnite players. You do not have to try them all mentioned here. You just need to work your way down the list until the solution works for you.

Fix Fortnite PC Freezing and Crashing

The Fortnite’s developer Epic Games releases regular game updates and patches to fix any bugs. A recent patch may have stopped the game from closing correctly and so we need the latest patch is necessary to fix it. 

To check if there is any new update, go to the Fortnite official website and search for the latest update or patch. If you find any new patch or update available, then install it and then run again Fortnite to check whether or not the error is fixed.

Also, make sure to check the following instructions

– Download any new updated Nvidia or AMD driver updates.

– Install the latest version of Windows 10.

– Close if any unnecessary background apps.

– Reduce the graphic settings through in-game options.

After performing these instructions, if you are still facing the same issue then you simply need to wait for the patch which will be released by the developer. Till then, stick to the following instructions to close the game whenever it freezes.

How to Force Close Fortnite When Freezing

If you are not able to close the game because it got frozen, here are the simple steps to force close Fortnite.  

1. Press Ctlr+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.

2. Choose Fortnite from the programs list.

3. Click on the ‘End Task’ button.

While waiting for the official updates to fix this issue, this method will help you to close Fortnite when it is stiffened.

The developer of Fortnite, Epic Games is well-aware of this issue. The permanent solution is under development and we hope that it will be released in its future patch. Till then, the above-mentioned solutions are the only options to get rid of PC Freezing issues in Fortnite.

That’s all for the guide on How to Fix Fortnite Freezing PC Cannot Close Game 2021.  Learn How to Fix Epic Games Store, Rocket League, and Fortnite ‘Invalid Client’ Error?

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