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Fix for Vanguard Bomb Defuse Bug Scheduled for this Week

Fix for Vanguard Bomb Defuse Bug in Search is Scheduled

The Search and Destroy mode in Vanguard has a pretty serious bug that affects the bomb defuse activity. The bug surfaced right after the launch of the game and has persisted. Over the years, the Search and Destroy mode has become a staple in CoD titles. In the mode, there are two teams – the defending team and the attacking team. The team that wins four rounds wins. Each round is won by either killing off all the members of the opposite team or the attacking team defusing the bomb at two designated sites. The defending team wins the round if they defuse the bomb planted by the attacking team.

The Vanguard Bomb Defuse bug creates a possible exploitable situation where the planting team is notified when the bomb is being defused. It ruins the entire game and makes it unplayable and unfair for the attacking team.

Due to the seriousness of the bug, it soon caught the attention of the devs and they assured a fix a few days back. We now know that the fix will arrive later this week. Here is the tweet shared by Sledgehammer Games today.

Once the patch rolls to fix the bomb defuse bug, you should be able to play the mode normally without risking the exploit.     

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