Fix ‘Follow Loid’ Bug in The Heart Of Deimos Quest in Warframe

Fix 'Follow Loid' Bug in The Heart Of Deimos Quest in Warframe

A bug in the Heart of Deimos quest in Warframe is making progress difficult for players. Near the end of the story arc, players have to follow Loid and he is supposed to show you a path, which you then follow, but that never happened and Loid follows you like a mindless beast. How the game should work is a waypoint emerges and then you follow it, but that obviously never happens due to the bug and you are left wondering the expanses of the Moon of Deimos. You may be wondering in an endless walk near Necralisk not knowing what happens next or what to do. Don’t worry through, we got it covered, the ‘Follow Loid’ bug is quite simple to resolve.

Fix ‘Follow Loid’ Bug in The Heart Of Deimos Quest in Warframe

When you have identified the game is bugged and Loid is acting up, simply abort the mission and return to the Orbiter. From there, head to the navigation and again load straight into Necralisk. The mission will reset and help you bypass the Loid bug. You will be able to see the missing waypoint and continue with the game.

There is not much to the bug once you know how to fix it and not everyone will encounter it either. Unless you have the waypoint you cannot continue to mission as the part of the game that connects the other is missing. Hopefully, the fix will work for you and you can continue the mission.

If for some reason the bug is still occurring, you need to contact the Warframe support.

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