Fix FIFA 22 SBC Glitch – Cannot Submit SBC

Fix FIFA 22 SBC Glitch - Cannot Submit SBC

In FIFA 22, Squad Building Challenges (SBC) allow you to build unique Squads by using your Players items based on special challenge requirements, and then you can submit them to earn rewards. However, players are reporting that they cannot submit SBC due to some glitch in FIFA 22. This glitch is not unheard of as players were suffering from the same issue in the previous FIFA series as well. It seems that the devs have not yet solved this issue. When players attempt to submit their squads on the SBC, they face an error and so they are unable to submit their squad to complete its challenge. There are a few solutions you can try to fix FIFA 22 SBC Glitch – cannot submit SBC.

How to Fix FIFA 22 SBC Glitch – Cannot Submit SBC

As we have just mentioned, the SBC bug is not yet solved by the developers, hopefully, we will have its permanent solution in the next update/patch. Meanwhile, you may try the following solutions to fix FIFA 22 SBC Glitch – Cannot Submit SBC. If you are lucky enough, any of the solutions will surely work for you.

1. This is one of the best solutions as many players have shared on Reddit and other forums. First of all, try to dismiss the players from active squads. Simply check the box of ‘Exclude players from active squads’.

2. If that doesn’t work, the next thing you should do is to restart your system as well as console and then log in to FUT.

3. Some users have also suggested that to remove anyone player and then put him back again or replacing that player.

4. Another possible workaround that worked in FIFA 21 is to delete any Concept Squads if you have any and then try to resubmit your SBC.

That’s all you can do to fix FIFA 22 SBC Glitch – Cannot Submit SBC.

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