Fix FFXIV Instant Portrait Not Working and Reverted to Default Error

 Fix FFXIV Instant Portrait Not Working and Reverted to Default Error

Final Fantasy XIV comes on the top for those players who love to play MMORPGs. This game was released back in 2010 by Square Enix but still, it continues to blow players away in all aspects. It is truly incredible from game mechanics to an interesting storyline to the graphical masterwork. FFXIV has a lot of different player customization options from pets to tiles to fancy glamours to mounts. With the launch of the first post-patch of Endwalker, the game offers Adventurer Plates and Instant Portraits as a new form of player. Unfortunately, many players are currently reporting that they are getting an error “Instant portrait reverted to default”. If you are also receiving the same error and wonder what happened, go through this guide and learn why it happened and how you can fix it.

Fix Final Fantasy XIV Instant Portrait Not Working & Reverted to Default Error

It is greatly a frustrating issue when you have spent a lot of time making a unique portrait and you receive an error message that says –Instant portrait reverted to default. Current appearance and/or gear does not match that shown in the portrait.” Gratefully, there is a trick to resolve this matter.

Here is how you can get Instant Portrait working properly:

– Open up the “Character tab”

– Click on the “Update Gearset” 

– Next, select the Portrait with the “Error”, select “Edit Portrait” and then click on “Save”

– Lastly, make sure to Turn on the Instant Portrait option

If you did all these steps correctly, your portrait will start displaying normally in your next job. This method will help to fix the issue. However, you will need to do the same process for all Gearsets.

That’s how you can fix FFXIV Instant Portrait not working and reverted to the default error.

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