Far Cry 6

Fix Far Cry 6 Blurry Textures Bug

Fix Far Cry 6 Blurry Textures Bug

Far Cry 6 is released finally for all platforms and the game has managed to attract a huge crowd. Undoubtedly, it is an incredible game but, many players are reporting several bugs and glitches from the day one of its releases. One of the major issues is the Blurry Textures Bug. This bud does not go away even after the proper video settings to the best possible highest quality. Due to this Blurry Textures Bug, players are experiencing blurry and awful characters as well as weapons. If you are going through the same issue, there is a fix which we are going to discuss below.

How to Fix Cry 6 Blurry Textures Bug

In order to fix this issue, players have already tried changing their video settings and other possible workarounds but nothing worked. Luckily, we know the exact cause and so we are going to give you the best solution for the Far Cry 6 Blurry Textures Bug which worked for many players.

1. To fix this issue, you have to download the HD Textures Pack that needs an additional 26 GB of space on your console. In case, you have already download and if you are still having the same issue, in that case, the problem occurs because the HD Texture Pack is not installed correctly. And that is the main reason why you’re getting Blurry vision while playing the game. To know how to install it correctly, we have made an exclusive post on this – Check on this > Fix Far Cry 6 HD Texture Pack Not Working on Xbox. 

2. However, it seems that some players have already installed HD Texture Pack and still experiencing the same issue. In this case, you can restart the game and also restart your console/PC once and attempt to launch the game. If that doesn’t fix, then the only fix is to disable HD Texture Pack. We know it looks strange but so far, this is one of the best solutions to get rid of this Blurry Textures Bug.

Try it and see if that does make any difference – Actually, by doing this, the textures sharpen. Although, this is not a solid fix it is a possible workaround tried by many users and it worked.

That’s everything you need to know on How to Fix Far Cry 6 Blurry Textures Bug.

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  1. NO, doesnt work. It works for 10 min then its back to shitty textures. They need to fix their fucking game!!

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