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Fix Far Cry 6 Black Screen After New Update

Fix Far Cry 6 Infinite Black Screen After New Update

Far Cry 6 has had a new patch that addresses a bunch of bugs and errors in the game, but it seems the patch has introduced a nasty bug that prevents the player from the game. When the player boots the game they find themselves stuck on a black screen that does not fade away. Fortunately, there is a simple fix that can resolve the issue.

The most effective fix that’s emerged since the update is to repair the game. But, be wary, a lot of users have reported the game downloading a very large file above 40 GB. The download size after the repair varied from one user to the other. But, verifying the game files does fix the problem for a lot of players. Here is how to do it on Ubisoft Connect.

From Ubisoft Connect > right-click on Far Cry 6 > select Properties > Click on Verify Files.

Once you have selected the option to verify files, the game will scan the local copy of the game with the server and perform a repair if necessary. After the update is complete, you should be able to launch the game. If you have purchased the game on Epic Games Store, the process is quite similar. Here is how to repair the game on Epic Games Launcher.

Open Epic Game launcher and click on Library > Far Cry 6 > Click on the three dots to expand a drop-down menu > click Verify.

If repairing the game has not fixed the issue, the next best option is to reinstall the game. Some users who could not get the issue fixed by repairing the game files were able to bypass the Far Cry 6 black screen after reinstalling the game.

While the black screen may indicate a graphics problem with the game and you may rush to update the driver, run the game on DX11, and other usual solutions, they do not work in this case. The only solution at the time that fixes the black screen in Far Cry 6 is repairing the game files or reinstalling the game.

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