Fix Fallout 76 Error 4:10:8 ‘Failed to download config from title storage’

Fallout 76 Error 4:10:8 is one of the oldest problems with the game that surfaces every now and then. The error comes with the message, “Failed to download config from title storage.” While the error has been happening for a long time, there is no confirmation or direction about the error from the developers end. Nevertheless, there are some effective solutions that the gaming community has found for the error. Before you start, the solutions are not universal. It may work for one user, but not the other. So, with some luck you may be able to fix the error with this below solutions.

How to Fix Fallout 76 Error 4:10:8 ‘Failed to download config from title storage’

‘Failed to download config from title storage’ basically means that the client isn’t able to communicate with the server and it can be mainly due to two reasons, either the servers are experiencing problems or there is an issue with the user’s network. If the servers are find, here are some things you can try to fix the error 4:10:8.

  1. Clear the cache on the console
    • Some users have also reported that clearing the cache of the console fixes the problem temporarily. It’s not a permanent fix but it will allow you to play the game. Depending on your console, you may have to hard reset in order to clear the cache.
  2. Flush DNS on the PC

In order to perform the steps, you need to open the Command Prompt in admin mode. Here are the steps we suggest we follow to flush DNS and fix the Fallout 76 error 4:10:8.

  • Press Windows + R > type cmd > Enter
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter
  • Type ipconfig /renew and hit Enter
  • Change DNS on PC and Console

3. Another fix that’s worked for both PC players as well as the console is to change the DNS and set it to something that is game-friendly like the Google DNS. Here are the steps for PC. If you are on the console, you can find the steps here.

  • For PC follow > Windows Key + I > Click Change adapter options > right-click on current connection > Properties > click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties > toggle Use the following DNS server addresses > Enter in field one and in field two > Ok > Exit Windows.

Finally, if none of the above solutions worked to fix Fallout 76 Error 4:10:8 ‘Failed to download config from title storage,’ the problem may be on the server end as the devs are trying to remove a bug or something. Waiting a few hours should resolve the issue on its own.  

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