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Fix Fallout 76 “Disconnected due to having modified game files”

Fix Fallout 76 Disconnected Due To Modified Game Files

The occurrence of connection errors have subsided with Fallout 76 ever since its release, but still, users sometimes experience problems connecting to the server, especially after a new update. The update yesterday brought an old and the dreaded error the Fallout 76 “Disconnected due to having modified game files.”

Even though the error is supposed to occur when you have altered the game files by either using mods, cheats, or some other modifications, users have confirmed that they are seeing the error even when they have not meddled or altered the game files via any means.

Players who install the game for the first time also see the error. Fortunately through, we have solutions for both PC and console users that will resolve the Fallout 76 disconnected due to modified game files. Scroll down for more.

Fallout 76 “Disconnected due to having modified game files”

When you see the error, it’s certain that the game files are not in the right state, regardless if it’s intentional or not. Sometimes when downloading an update or installing the game anew, files can become corrupted, which can lead to the “Disconnected due to having modified game files.” Another possible cause of the error can be, when the game has an update available the files in your game modification can be rendered outdated leading to software instability.

The most obvious cause of the error is when you have modified the files using mods and cheat software, the error can arise.

As such, you must fix the files that are causing the error, update the mods that are causing compatibility problems. If you refer the official website, the fix they recommend is to Scan and Repair the game file, but that not a possible solution for Xbox and PS4 users. Don’t worry, we have solutions for PC as well as console users.

Fix Fallout 76 Disconnected Due To Modified Game Files on PC

If it’s the first time you have installed the game or the error occurred immediately after an update, then the downloading and installation process is to blame. Additionally, if the install process was interrupted due to any reason, the download of the game is to blame and you need to update the game again. The best way to accomplish this is using the Scan and Repair feature of the Bethesda.Net launcher. To perform the process., launch the Bethesda launcher and load the Fallout 76 page, open the game options menu and select Scan and Repair. Wait for the process to complete.

We also recommend that you turn off the auto update feature of the game from the main menu. With auto update disabled, you may not be able to play the game after an update, but you will be able to avoid the Disconnected Due To Modified Game Files error. Whenever there is an update, you will have to manually download the patch.

For Steam users, the process to repair game files is quite similar, launch the Steam client, go to Library, right-click on Fallout 76, select Properties and go to Local Files, and click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. Steam will initiate the process of verification of the game files and subsequent repair. Once the process completes, launch the game and the error should not appear.

If the problem is due to a mod, the process can in intensive as you have to selectively weed out the specific mod that’s causing the problem. Not all mods are updated regularly to comply with the game update and that can be a problem. Turn off a few mods at once and see if the problem occurs.

If nothing is working, the most effective solution is to delete all mods and uninstall everything and reinstall the game. Installing a fresh game will definitely resolve the Fallout 76 ‘Disconnected due to modified game files’ error.

Fix Fallout 76 Disconnected Due To Modified Game Files on Xbox and PS4

For users on console, you do not have the option to utilize the Steam and Bethesda launcher’s feature to repair game files. As such, your options to fix the error is limited, which is to reinstall the game. But, that should be your last resort, if you are using any mods that is probably what’s causing the error.

You should try and find the specific mod that’s causing the issue and update them or consider deleting all of them. You can then add one mod at a time and check which is the one that’s causing the problem with the game.

If that does not work, on console, your last hope is to reinstall the game as that’s the only way to refresh the game and eliminate any corrupt files that may be causing the Fallout 76 “Disconnected due to having modified game files.”    

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