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Fix Fall Guys ‘The matchmaker is currently down for maintenance’ Error

Unlike several battle royale games in recent times, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout error messages provide a good description of the nature of the error. The most recent error to be encountered by players is the Fall Guys ‘The matchmaker is currently down for maintenance’ Error.

The complete error message appears as “The matchmaker is currently down for maintenance whilst we add more capacity, please check back soon for updates.” If you have jumped into the game and wondering what the error is all about and what you can do to fix it, this guide will detail you about the error. So, stick around and read the post.

Fall Guys | What is ‘The matchmaker is currently down for maintenance’ Error

As the message states, the matchmaking system of the game is down, which basically means that the servers are down and currently does not support the formation of team. As such, you cannot do much about the error other than waiting. At the time of writing this post, the matchmaking is scheduled to be down.

If you are seeing this error message, it means that the servers are down and there is nothing you can do. Unlike other errors like the Connection error or the Failed to log in error where there is a possibility of the problem being local, the ‘The matchmaker is currently down for maintenance’ Error has nothing to do with your system or network. Therefore, waiting for the servers and the matchmaking system to be back online is the only thing you can do. If you want to stay updated with the status of the servers, the official Fall Guys Owl twitter handle is the best place to visit. Additionally, you can also rely on third-party websites such as Downdetector that will show the status of the servers in your region. It’s great for regional insights, but the Fall Guys Owl has been working exceptionally so far and should be the first place you visit.

Currently, the servers are back online, which you can check in the subsequent Tweets to the above. But, if in the future, you encounter the ‘The matchmaker is currently down for maintenance’ Error, the twitter handle is where you should head first.

The developers are constantly increasing the capacity of the servers and for this reason, the servers may be undergoing maintenance. Overall, it’s a good thing as you will encounter less off the server errors as the developers keep working on improving the servers.

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