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Fix Fall Guys Stuck on Loading Screen – No Match Found Error

Fix Fall Guys Stuck on Loading Screen - No Match Found

Fall Guys has been one of the most anticipated games this month. Naturally, when players jump to play the game in large numbers, server problems were bound to arise. Besides the connection error, players are also encountering the Fall Guys Stuck on Loading Screen – No Match Found. The problem is prevalent on both platforms – PS4 and PC. The screen says “Looking for players…”, but after a long wait gives the No match found error. The full error message reads “No match found. Sorry, we were unable to find a match. Please try again later.”

Fall Guys No Match Found Error

The simplest fix for the Fall Guys stuck on loading screen or the no match found error is to wait for some time or restart the game. There is no tweak you can do to your system or network hardware to fix this issue.

The problem is most definitely on the server side and the developers are working on resolving the error. Stick around to know more about the error and the situation with the Fall Guys servers.

Fix Fall Guys Stuck on Loading Screen – No Match Found Error

In a series of Tweets, the developers acknowledged the current state of the servers and confirmed that over 146,524 people were currently trying to access the game. So naturally, you would image if the number of players is so high then why the no match found error. That’s a genuine question. These types of problems in multiplayer games occur due to lack of players and not more.

Needless to say the developers are working to resolve the error as confirmed by them in the belwo tweet. In the meantime, you have no other option other than waiting and retrying. A lot of players have confirmed that after a few retries, they could get into the game.


So, if you are stuck on loading screen trying to play Fall Guys, wait and within a few days you may be able to play the game. Meanwhile, you can retry to start the game and if luck favors you, there might a few games you can play before the servers can accommodate the large number of players or the player count subsides.

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