Fix Fall Guys ‘Failed to login’ Error

Ever since launch, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has come user a lot of criticism for server problems from error with the reward system, server already has a game in progress error to the connection error. And the new addition to the server problem is the Fall Guys ‘Failed to login error message.’

The complete error message reads, ‘failed to login, please check your connection.’ These errors are nothing out of the ordinary given the large number of players jumping into the game at any given time. The last confirmation from the developers on Twitter on the number of active players was 150,000 and that was just during the first two days.

Now, it’s possible a lot of players were excited about the game and overburdened the servers. The current numbers can be lower or maybe even higher. Whatever the reason, the server problems with the game keep coming back even after repeated attempts from Mediatonic to address the issue.

That’s a caveat you have to accept when you are playing online games. So, is the ‘Failed to login error’ in fact a server problem or could it be local and what can you do about it. Stick around and we will tell you all about the error and how to possibly resolve it.

Fall Guys | How to Fix “Failed to login error?”

The error message is quite clear in its narration, your connection to the server has dies and it could be either due to your internet connectivity or the Fall Guys servers are down. So, before you start to blame your ISP or start troubleshooting the network hardware and connectivity, we suggest you verify the status of the server.

Checking the status of the server is an easy process, you simply have to head over to Fall Guys Server Owl on Twitter and check the status of the servers. You could also check the status for you region using a third-party website such as Downdetector, but frankly, the Fall Guys Owl is the convenient option.

If the servers are not down and there are no complaints of server problems on the internet, then, it’s a cause of worry and the problem could be local. But, if you are playing the game for a while and the Fall Guys “Failed to login” error appears out of nowhere, it’s probably a server problem.

In such a case, you cannot do anything to help the situation. Your best bet is to take a break from the game and hope the servers come back online soon.

On the other hand, if the servers are fine the problem is with your internet connection, network hardware, or the internet service provider and you will have to short it out locally. We have some recommendations that can potentially fix the server not letting you login to the game.

Fix 1: Restart the System

As simple as it sounds, restating the system fixes most problems for players on PC and quite often for console. It reinitializes the settings. But first, close the game completely and proceed to restart the system. Once the system boots up again, try running the game. If the error persists, try other solutions.

Fix 2: Reset the Router/Modem

The modem also stores some configuration and other data that can become corrupted overtime and cause connectivity issues for some games. As such, you should reset the router. To reset, turn off the router/modem, remove the power cord, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, reconnect the power cords, and restart the device.

This simple step will reset the network hardware and possibly solve the Fall Guys “Failed to login” error. If the error still occurs, you could try and change the DNS of the device. Exit the game and relaunch it multiple times. If nothing works, wait for a few hours and turn down your system. Try again after a while. In case, the problem is not resolved, your last resort is to get in touch with the Fall Guys Support.    

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