Fix Fall Guys Error “Server already has a game in progress”

Fix Fall Guys Error “Server already has a game in progress”

Fall Guys is taking the gaming community by storm, especially on PS4 as the game is free for PS Plus subscribers. The developers never anticipated such an huge response with over 150,000 players jumping into the game as confirmed by the developers in a Tweet. Unfortunately, with such a large number of players in a multiplayer game, server problems were bound to happen. The Fall Guys “Server already has a game in progress” error is a result of overburdened server. Stick around as we share more details on the problem and if you can fix the issue.

Fix Fall Guys Error “Sorry, the Server already has a game in progress”

As the game is free for PS Plus subscribers, it’s attracted an unusual amount of attention and everyone with the account is trying to jump into the game, not to disregard that Fall Guys is a simple yet an highly captivating game. Due to this, the developers are struggling to fulfill server requirements of the unexpected large number of players. This is leading to a range of server errors from “Connection error”, “No match found” error, and the recent Fall Guys “Server already has a game in progress.”

However, unlike other server errors like the no match found, the fix for the game is already in progress is simple, restart the game and you will not see the error again. In fact the error message itself says to restart the game later, but in this case, close the game and relaunch it.

So, when you encounter the error, simply accept the message and try to join other game, that will do the trick. Just like the match not found error, this is another matchmaking error, nothing uncommon with newly released multiplayer games. What happens is when you try to play a game, the game tries to connect you with a server that’s full of capability. So, instead to switch to a new lobby, it gives the error.

If you have made several attempts to join the game and you keep getting the error message, you may have to actually wait for some time before you try to join the game again.

Hopefully, your error gets resolved after a few tries. All these errors will be resolved in the coming days and you will be able to play the game smoothly. Don’t worry yourself too much now as these types of errors arise during the initial release days.