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Fix Fall Guys Connection Error ‘Unable to connect to server, please check your connection’

Fall Guys has just released for PC and PS4. The game is incredibly simple, yet fun. It’s a multiplayer game where you have to compete with a range of player to the trophy. The last surviving wins. But, player who jumped to play the game are reporting Fall Guys Connection Error with the error message “Unable to connect to server, please check your connection.” This is a simple and small game developed by a few developers. The servers were not designed to take this kind of stress. At the time of writing this post, we know there are over 120,000 people trying to jump into the game.

Fall Guys Connection Error

The error can appear at any moment in the game, while trying to launch or mid-game and kicks the player to the lobby with the error message. If we look back in recent past, there are no multiplayer games that have not had server issues during the initial days. Due to the large number of people waiting to play the game, server problems were inevitable. The good news is you do not need to tweak your system or the network hardware. This is a server-capacity problem and will resolve on its own in the coming days. Stick around to know more about the error and what you can do going forward.

Fix Fall Guys Connection Error ‘Unable to connect to server, please check your connection’

The developers have acknowledge the server problem with the game and the Fall Guys Connection Error, they are working on a fix. So, at the moment you do not require to do anything other than wait it out. Here is the tweet from the developers.


Even though the developers have assured an interruption of 30 minutes, you can expect the problem to arise sparsely as more players jump to play the game. Eventually, the problem will be resolved. It would be ideal if you select to play the game at a time when the servers are not receiving much traffic or there are lesser players trying to play Fall Guys.

If the problem persists even when the issue is resolved for most people, there may be connection problem on your end and you need to fix it. To start off, ensure your PS4 NAT type is set to Open. PC players can switch to the Google DNS instead of the default. You should also try to troubleshoot the connection to ensure the internet connection is steady. Reset the router and restart the game.

In order to reset the router, you have to turn it off normally, disconnect the power cords, allow it to rest for 30 seconds, reconnect the power cords and start the game. Some of the best practices while playing multiplayer games is to:

  1. Terminate all bandwidth intensive tasks such as video streaming, P2P file transfer, and downloads while playing an online game.
  2. Not to use any other device on the same network you are using to play the game.
  3. Use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot.

Fall Guys has had one of the most smooth beta periods, so as the game progresses further, you should expect the connectivity or server problems to resolve. The game has been highly anticipated for weeks, so it’s natural that a large number of people are trying to play it simultaneously that’s causing the Fall Guys connectivity error. Don’t stress yourself, just wait and the problem will be resolved.    

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