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Fix F1 2021 Ego Dumper Crash

Fix F1 2021 Ego Dumper Crash

The latest installment of the F1 game series is out, but the Ego Dumper Crash is making the game unplayable for a lot of users. The F1 2021 Ego Dumper Crash is not exclusive to this title. In fact, it’s been a few years since we see this error appear in all the F1 titles. There are several causes that can lead to the error that we discuss in this article. Stick around with the post and we will help you fix the error.  

How to F1 2021 Ego Dumper Crash

Unfortunately, there isn’t one solution you can try to fix the Ego F1 20221 Dumper Crash. There is a range of reasons that can lead to the error and crash such as outdated system software, unstable GPU or CPU, etc. In the post, we have listed all the possible solutions for the error and minimize its occurrence.

Fix F1 2021 Ego Dumper Crash
  • Switch the Display Mode to Windowed. From what we know the error occurs when the system is strained, the Windowed Mode consumes fewer resources compared to Fullscreen.
  • Update the graphics card driver to version toGeForce Game Ready Driver Version 471.11. This is the latest driver software for Nvidia users with support for F1 2021. AMD users should also get the latest driver for the GPU.
  • Delete hardware_settings_config.xml file located at Documents > My Games > F1 2021 > hardwaresettings.
  • Enable V-sync from the game settings. Although, V-sync can cause a millisecond of delay which is not good for competitiveness, it’s better than having the game crash.
  • If there is a problem with the game itself that could be the cause of the F1 2021 Ego Dumper Crash, try running the Verify Integrity of game files from the Steam client.
  • Updating the Windows OS is also known to fix the error for some users, so if you are struggling with the issue, we suggest that you update the GPU.

There are the best solutions you can try at the time of writing the post. But, we will update the article when we know more about the issue. If you know of a solution that has worked for you, share it with the community via the comments.  

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