Fix Evil Genius 2 No Sound and Audio Issues

Evil Genius 2 has released on Steam and so far the game has been mostly bug free, but that not to discount the current problem with audio devices. For some reason, the game does not detect a wide variety of audio devices. As a result, a large number of players are left with no sound. Beside the Evil Genius 2 no sound and audio issues, there is a small number of players battling against crashing problems with the game. While we expect the developers to address these issues in the next patch, here are some things you can try on your end to fix the issue.

How to Fix Evil Genius 2 No Sound and Audio Issues

It’s not unusual for new games to have a bit of problems, but with somethings as widespread as the Evil Genius 2 no audio or sound issue, it is likely the problem is with the game. Fortunately, a lot of players were able to resolve the issue.

First thing first, reboot the system and attempt to play the game. Sometimes an initialization glitch can cause audio issues with games. If that does not work, ensure that the volume is not down on your system or the audio device.

If the problem still occurs, one of the common things that users with the audio problem share is the use of USB headphones, but that’s not to say if you are not using a USB headphone the problem won’t occur with you. The most effective solution is to change to a 3.5mm headphone jack. If that does not work, try using a wireless headphone.

If you own multiple headphones, just try a different one and check if that helps the situation.

We have observed that when the right audio device is not selected it can also cause the no sound problems in games, so ensure the problem is not there. Here is how to do it. Press Windows Key + I > System > Sound > set the Output device to the one you are using.

Here is another solution suggested by GeoG85 on Steam and may be worth a try, “You go to your computer Audio Settings, change the Artic 7 GAMING or CHAT to the opposite. For me it was to GAMING. And also, change the audio dial on your headset – Loud is opposite directions for GAMING or CHAT. Lastly, change the video game settings, NONE to the Audio Reverb.”

Finally, if none of the above solutions have worked, ensure that the problem is not with the drivers and perform a Windows Update. Also, play with the audio output to find the right balance if the Evil Genius 2 sound is stuttering.

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