Fix Escape from Tarkov Stuttering While Shooting

 Fix Escape from Tarkov Stuttering While Shooting

Players have constantly been complaining about being killed or not being able to defend themselves during the fights, especially when they are shooting, because of some unidentified lag in the game, regardless of the reason being the fluctuation in the ping. If your internet is working properly and everything seems fine, then what exactly is happening to your gameplay? In this guide, we will try to fix this problem for the players so there is no more lag, and they can experience smooth and sailing gameplay without any trouble.

How to Fix Stuttering in Escape From Tarkove

So, the answer to the above question may lie in your gaming setup, as Battlestate has already fixed the glitch, and players have to make basic changes to their gaming setups to fix the issue. Make your game smooth and lag-free. If not fixed, it will definitely decrease the amount of stutter that is being faced by the players. Let’s get started.

The first thing that players have to do is to reduce the number of tasks that are running in the background. To fix this, players have to go to the settings, then System, and disable the storage sense; this will help you avoid the random FPS drop.

The second thing is closing the background apps that are running; if these apps are running in the background, it will definitely slow down your computer and will make your game stutter. So, close them from the settings, then privacy, and then in background apps, close all the apps except for some security apps.

The third one is turning off the gaming mode or vice versa, and it will improve the performance.

This next setting is for those who are using RAM less than 32 GB, i.e., 8 GB or 16 GB, and it is the standby RAM pen resource monitor, click on memory there you will see the standby RAM option; it is actually the cached data from used apps which reduces the amount of free availability of Ram in the system.

You can fix this setting through a third-party app.

In the end, make these changes to your computer, and it will definitely fix the lag and the glitches.

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