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Fix Elden Ring Failure to Acquire Parental Control Info Error

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Recently an error would pop up in Elden Ring that says there is some error in acquiring parental control information, and players are wondering how to get rid of it. In this guide, we will see what the error means and how to fix it in Elden Ring.

Fix Elden Ring Failure to Acquire Parental Control Info Error

While this Elden Ring error is prevalent in PlayStation, some players have reported it happening on PC as well. Here we will see how to fix the failure to acquire parental control info and what it means in Elden Ring.

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The error shows up at random times and tends to lock players out of the game till they agree to the terms and conditions. Even then, some players have been having a hard time logging in and playing the game.

  • Some have mentioned that changing the DNS settings helped them log back into the game. To change DNS, open the Run command and type in ncpa.cpl. Click enter and it will take you to the network configuration page. Right-click on your preferred network adaptor and click on properties, then find the option for TCP / IPv4. Select it and click on properties. Under preferred DNS, type in, and under alternative DNS. Make sure the Use the Following DNS is selected. Click okay and run the game again to see if the error is fixed.
  • You can also try going into the system settings and accepting the online agreement. You can find it on the game’s title screen, where the system settings are, then click on Online and select Accept at the bottom of the page.
  • Disabling cross-region online matchmaking can also help the error to go away.
  • Some players found that deleting their network, then reconnecting and putting in their passwords again made the game work.
  • If you are on the PS5 Software Beta, maybe swapping back to normal mode might help. Also, disabling parental controls on the PS can help you play the game. To do this, go to settings > Family Controls > Family Management > Select account > Parental controls > change settings > Enable temporarily disable parental controls.
  • If all else fails, try to play Elden Ring in offline mode to see if it helps, or contact the customer support team to raise a ticket.

These are just some ways to help fix the Elden Ring Parental Control error. If you like this guide you can check out our other guide as well.

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