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Easy Anti Cheat

Easy Anti Cheat or EAC is a program developed by Epic Games. It is designed specially to detect and prevent cheating in online games. Usually, it is used in several games across different gaming platforms like PC, mobile devices, and consoles. However, like any other software, Easy Anti Cheat also has a wide range of bugs and errors including error 30007. This particular error code indicates that something is preventing the anti-cheat system from functioning properly. Like many other players, are you also running into the same error code, then worry not as this error is fixable. This guide will show you how you can fix Easy Anti Cheat errors with some quick workarounds.

How to Fix Easy Anti Cheat Error 30007

Easy Anti Cheat error 30007 is one of the common error messages gamers usually encounter while attempting to launch a game that is protected by EAC. Thankfully, there are a few things you can try to fix this problem.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

One of the reasons why this error is occurring is because of your poor and unstable internet connection. So, make sure to troubleshoot the connection if it has any issues. Here we give you some tips to fix your connection-related issues.

– Try using a different WiFi (If available)

– Try resetting your router or modem by unplugging the power cable from the router/modem, waiting for about 2 to 3 minutes, reconnecting the power cable, and checking if that worked

– Switch your connection of WiFi to Wired/Ethernet

– Disconnect other devices from the network to improve the speed and performance of your gaming device as well as game

2. Re-enable Driver Signature Enforcement

The next method we suggest is to re-enable driver signature enforcement. Below are the steps: 

– Launch the Command Prompt as an administrator (right-click the Command Prompt icon, and select Run as administrator)

– Enter the commands below:

bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF




– Hold down the Shift key

– Whilst holding the Shift key, navigate to and select the Restart button

– Select Troubleshoot >> Advanced Options >> Startup Settings >> Restart >> Press the key 7 to activate the Enable Driver Signature Enforcement option

3. Repair Game Files

Some corrupted or missing game files can also cause EAC error code 30007 so the next method we recommend is to repair your missing or corrupted game files on Steam,, or Epic Games. To do this:

– On Steam: Go to Steam Library >> Right-click on the game >> Properties >> Local Files >> Verify integrity of game files

– On Launch client >> click on the game >> click on cogwheel next to the Play button >> Scan and Repair >> Begin Scan

– On Epic Launcher: Go to Epic Games Launcher >> Library >> Click on the three dots next to the game >> Manage >> Click on the Verify button next to verify files

4. Repair Easy Anti Cheat

Repairing EAC can also help to resolve error code 30007 in your game. To do this: Go to File Explorer and go to the drive where the game is located on your PC. Then go to Program Files >>> Steam >> steamapps >> open Common file >> open the game folder >> Binaries >> Win64 >> select the EasyAntiCheat_Setup. Double-click on the EasyAntiCheat_Setup application to launch it, then click on the repair option. 

Once done, relaunch your game and you won’t face EAC error 30007.

5. Contact the Game’s Support Team

If you have tried everything but the error persists, then your last resort is to reach out to the game’s support team and they will guide you further with some additional troubleshooting steps.

That’s everything we have covered in this guide to fix Easy Anti Cheat error 30007.

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