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Fix EA Error Code 918 with FIFA 21 | EA Servers Down | Unable to Connect to FIFA 21

Fix EA Error Code 918 with FIFA 21 - Can’t Connect to Servers

The EA error code 918 prevent players from connecting to the EA servers. Although, it is currently happening with FIFA 21, you could see the error 918 with any other game. The widespread occurrence of the error code suggests it could be a problem with the EA servers. It can be frustrating to see the code when trying to play FIFA 21. Stick around and in this post, I will tell you all about the error code 918 and if the EA servers are actually down.

Fix EA Error Code 918 | Is FIFA 21 Servers Down

The EA error code 918 with FIFA 21, Star Wars Squadrons, Battlefront or any other game occurs when the EA servers are down. We went through numerous threads on EA forums and Reddit, the response of EA representatives was that FIFA service are experiencing difficulties and maybe down for the time being.

As this is a problem on the server end and not a fault with your connection or client, there is little you can do to help the situation. Fortunately though, the EA error code 918 does not take long to resolve. EA is pretty quick in resolving problems such as this.

As you are reading this post, the problem for most users is already resolved, but for future with FIFA 21 or any other game, when you see the error 918 it usually means the services are down.

As such, you can verify the status of the server by either visiting the official Twitter handle of the game, EA or through third party website like downdetector.

Whenever you fail to connect to any EA games or encounter the EA error code 918, you should verify the status of the servers, you can do this by visiting the website for EA Server status.

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