Fix EA App Login Did Not Go as Planned Error

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

The EA App for Windows is a new, enhanced PC platform from Electronic Arts where players can easily enjoy their favorite games. But some players report struggling to log in to their EA App due to an error. The exact error reads – “Login did not go as planned – We couldn’t log you in because the network failed to do its network thing. Try again in a few minutes.”

Unfortunately, this error pops up now and then and it is an annoying issue as players are unable to access EA App. According to reports, players have already tried multiple generic workarounds including reinstalling the EA app, changing passwords, tried logging in via email, etc but nothing worked. If you are also suffering from the same problem, go through this guide and learn how you can fix it with some possible solutions.

How to Fix EA App Login Did Not Go as Planned Error

If you are receiving a “Login did not go as planned” error on EA App, there can be several reasons from technical glitches in EA servers to corrupted cache files to the wrong DNS address. Thankfully, resolving this issue is not too difficult and this guide has covered all potential solutions to fix this error.

1. Check the current server status 

The first thing you need to do is check the current EA server status. If the servers are down and experiencing any technical difficulties, the error will be eliminated automatically once their services are back online. You can check the server status on their official website or Twitter page or DownDetector.

2. Run EA App as an Administrator 

If you have not given privileges to the app that needs to function properly. So, try running EA App as an administrator to fix this error. To do so: Right-click on the EA icon >> Properties >> Compatibility tab >> Run this program as an administrator >> Apply.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

The next thing we recommend is to make sure there is nothing wrong with your internet connection because a poor and unstable connection can also cause the error “Login did not go as planned” in EA App. You can try resetting your connection or switching the connection from WiFi to Wired and then check if the error is resolved.

4. Clearing Out Cache Files

This is one of the classic methods to resolve many errors. Clearing cache files are quite easy and quick. Here are the steps:

– Open up the EA app

– Select three dashes on the left-side corner

– Scroll down and click on Help and select the App Recovery option from the list

– Lastly, select the option to “Clear the Cache”

5. Using a VPN Service

At times, you receive this type of error due to issues with your ISP routing and therefore, we recommend using a VPN service to connect to the EA server. There are multiple VPN services available on the internet, you can use any of the best ones and check if that worked.

6. Reach Out to EA Support

If nothing seems to help you, reach out to the EA Support team as your last resort and seek further assistance.

That’s it for this guide. We have covered all potential solutions to fix the EA App error “login that did not go as planned”.

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