Fix Dyson Sphere Program Mouse Flickering with Low FPS

Dyson Sphere Program is the new sci-fi management sim about building automated structures using the resources on various planets. The game follows the slightly similar concept to satisfactory, but of course with the space element. And while the game is mostly bug free, some users are reporting Dyson Sphere Program mouse flickering with low FPS.

Users are reporting that the game starts normally with decent FPS, but the mouse starts to flicker around 20 minutes or so into the game. The FPS of the game also drops around the same time. While, restarting the game fixes the issue temporarily, it again appears when you are into the game more than 20 minutes. Stick with us and we will help you with the low FPS and mouse flickering in Dyson Sphere Program.

Fix Dyson Sphere Program Mouse Flickering with Low FPS

The good news is that Youthcat Studio, the developer of the game is aware of the issue and investigating. Although, we do not know when the issue would be resolved, we can expect a fix for it in the next patch. Until then, you can restart the system whenever the FPS drops or the mouse flickering starts, but that’s hardly the ideal solution. Hence, we have some things you can try that can potentially resolve the Dyson Sphere Program Mouse Flickering with Low FPS.  

Update or Revert the GPU Driver

It goes without saying that the mouse flickering in the game is caused due to the drop in FPS. Once of the primary reasons that can occur is when the GPU driver in instable. This could attribute to a new driver you have installed or your driver is outdated. As such, the first solution you must try is to update the driver. If you have recently updated the driver and that’s casing the issue, we suggest you revert the update or try another drivers from later dates. So, the first thing you can do is tweak with the GPU driver version.

After installing the new drivers, restart the system and then, attempt to play the game.

Alt + Tab Out of the Game

Although another temporary solution, playing the game on windowed mode can also boost the performance and reduce the FPS drop and the mouse flicker. Try Alt Tabbing out of the game. You can also check if Alt tabbing back in changes anything.

Stop the Game’s Scaling

If all the above solutions have failed to resolve the Dyson Sphere Program mouse flickering with low FPS, disabling the scaling should do the trick. The game is scaling to match your monitor and that is causing the issue. Here is a fix suggested by <color=red>Explode on Steam.      

  1. Open Task Manager and locate the game.
  2. Right-click on the game and select Properties
  3. Go to Compatibility and click on Change high DPI settings
  4. Check Override high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by: and set it to System.
  5. Restart the game.

The user also suggests that you enable Supersampling in NVidia Control Panel with 2x native with 10% softness.

Hope the above solutions have helped you address the issue. If you have a better solution than, dig into the comments or just let us know if the solutions worked or not.

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