Fix DOOM Eternal Audio Problem

March 21, 2020 By Harsh Clif
Fix DOOM Eternal Audio Problem

After a long wait, we finally have the fifth game in the DOOM series, the DOOM Eternal. All the games released over recent times have had one or the other problems and DOOM Eternal is no exception. Just two days into the game and we are already hearing some fatal, performance, and minor errors with the game. Besides the DOOM Eternal audio problems, users also face the Eternal crashing on desktop, stuttering problems, etc.

Most of the problems can be tied to the configuration of your system hardware and software. Several errors with the game can be resolved by updating the GPU drivers to the latest patch released on 19th March by Nvidia and Radeon, just a day before the launch of the game. These drivers have a hotfix that can resolve most GPU related errors. So, if you have not performed the update, do it to avoid other errors besides the audio problem with the game.

There are two types of audio problems that users encounter with DOOM Eternal – audio crackling, buzzing, or popping and no audio problem.

Fix No Audio Problem in DOOM Eternal

As we browsed through forums, we found a lot of players facing the problem of no audio/sound when playing the game. The error can be tied to Dolby Surround Sound for users with Dolby or the Windows Sonic for Headphones being turned on.

To fix the problem, you should turn off the audio settings. This fix has proven to fix the problem for a lot of users. Here is how to replicate the process and fix the audio problem with the game.

  1. Press Windows Key + I to open Settings
  2. Click on Systems and go to Sound
  3. From the right side of the screen, click on the link Sound Control Panel
  4. Right-click on the available speakers and select Properties
Doom Eternal audio problem
  • Go to the Spatial Sound tab and select Off from the drop-down menu
  • Save the changes.

Now try playing the game and check if the no audio/sound problem with DOOM Eternal is resolved.

Fix Audio Popping, Crackling, or Buzzing in DOOM Eternal

The second problem that users encounter with DOOM Eternal audio is a buzzing, popping, or crackling sound when they play the game. This error can be resolved by adjusting the audio configuration on Windows. To replicate the fix, follow the below steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + I to open Settings
  2. Click on Systems and go to Sound
  3. From the right side of the screen, click on the link Sound Control Panel
  4. Select the Speakers and click on Properties
Fix audio problem in DOOM Eternal
  • Go to the Advanced tab and select the lowest audio settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Once done, Save the changes.

Try playing the game and check if the audio problem is fixed. If the issue still persists, try all the audio settings one and a time and find the perfect balance.

Update to Latest Game Ready Driver (Nvidia Users)

For Nvidia users, you are in luck because the driver released yesterday on 23rd March has a hotfix for this problem. The version for the Game Ready Drivers is 445.75, so install it via GeForce Experience or manually. A lot of users who were struggling with this issue for days resolved after they updated the drivers to this version.

Additional Fix for Doom No Sound and Other Audio Bugs

  • If you are playing the game using a headphone, Bluetooth headset, or earphones do away with them as some users were able to fix the problem after they disconnected their headphones.
  • Try changing the location of the game. If it’s installed in C, move it to D or some other drive. Memory issues can also cause the problem.
  • Changing the audio output to the Handsfree option of the earpieces has also worked for a user on Reddit, so, it’s worth a shot.

The above three solutions have worked for most users in resolving the DOOM Eternal audio problems. I welcome you to comment and let us know the fix that worked for you or if you have other workarounds you would like to share with fellow DOOM lovers.

TIP: If none of the Methods have resolved the issue for you, we recommend using CCleaner which can reduce errors & crashes, besides speeding up the system.

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