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Fix Disney Dreamlight Valley – Can’t Feed Animals – Giving Food Not Working Issue

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cutesy adventure that resembles Animal Crossing where we see several well-known Disney and Pixar characters hang out with them, and complete friendship tasks for them. We’ll also cultivate crops, collect fish, and even feed animals! However, a lot of players are having problems with the last exercise. Continue reading as we explain why this is happening and how it may be solved if you are unable to feed animals and complete WALL-E’s objective. 

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley is a beautiful place that is meant to be enjoyed by all. Unfortunately, there is a current problem with the ability to feed the animals. Giving food to the animals does not seem to be working as it should.

We hope that this problem can be fixed soon so that everyone can enjoy Dreamlight Valley again.

What is This Glitch and How to Fix it?

Working with various animals is one of the sweetest things you can do in Disney Dreamlight Valley among a variety of other activities. You may interact with these animals and give them their preferred foods in classic Disney style. However, some players could find out after accepting the “It’s glad to be home” task from WALL-E that they are unable to feed the animals. Despite your capacity to provide rabbits and squirrels with food in advance. 

This isn’t supposed to be a bug. Instead, it’s another instance of risky communication on the part of the sport. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the feeding of animals is subject to a daily restriction or cooling-off period. Only one meal per day may be given to animals! In other words, if you offer them something they don’t like, you’ve lost the chance to feed them that day. Only the next day will you be able to feed them since the cooldown is calculated using real-life time, which is equivalent to 24 hours. You now know why it is prohibited to feed animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to complete the WALL-E quest. There is a one-day cooldown, but the game doesn’t make it clear to you.

However, if you are still unable to feed after the declared time frame, follow these methods:

Check Server Status

You might check to see whether the servers are running. Furthermore, you may confirm this information by visiting websites like downdetector.net. If the game servers are indeed down, your only option is to wait for the creators to fix the issue.

Check if everything is updated.

If the aforementioned solutions haven’t been able to help you, make sure that your OS, graphics drivers, and the game itself are all up to date. We usually suggest keeping things up to date because every release comes with a set of hotfixes.

Check Your Network Status

When you are having issues with your network, it is usually a good idea to verify that your network is indeed operational. To evaluate the strength of your network connection, you may utilize third-party websites like speedtest.net or fast.com. We advise terminating any superfluous background programs if you are having sporadic network access. This will provide the game access to extra bandwidth, which might improve the gaming experience. If it’s feasible, we suggest transferring to a new network if your current one is highly unstable. As an alternative, you may try playing the game momentarily while utilizing a mobile hotspot.

Clear the Cache

Your PC often stores temporary files and data to enhance gaming. The possibility exists that the cached data will eventually become corrupt, which might cause network problems, game freezes, or sluggish or failed game loading.

Clearing the cache on your console or verifying the accuracy of the game cache on your PC is a wise first move in fixing these difficulties. It could be required to remove the game data that has been stored in more serious circumstances.

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    1. Its not our prob to fix the prob , is programmers turn, why we do delete our cache ? Work on the Prob intern and make it not to our Prob!!!! Other Games can do it so u can do it too! Its Disney and not Amazongames ^^

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