Fix Discord Error Code 96 Unable To Open File

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Discord is a VoIP application that lets users chat and talk. However, many users keep reporting different types of issues with Discord frequently. One of the recent problems many users are experiencing is Error Code 96. This error is related to the profile picture. Whenever users attempt to crop their pictures to keep as a profile pic, this error code pops up. Users are very frustrated with this Error Code 96 in Discord as they are not able to change their profile pic because of this problem. Many users also reported that they are also getting the same error code when they upload server icons. Are you also furious due to the same error code 96 in Discord, let us find out is there any solution to fix this problem?

How to Fix Discord Error Code 96

Unfortunately, there is no official solution to fix Discord Error Code 96. Many users have tried several solutions but failed. Luckily, some users shared the solutions which you can also try to fix it. For this, here are some quick steps to follow:

Delete Discord App from your Discord Folder

1. First of all, open your Files on your smartphone device that is ‘File Manager’

2. Then go to the Photos section

3. Here you will find a Discord Folder which you will need to delete.

4. Once you delete it, open the Discord app and try to crop and change your profile pic.

Use Google Drive to upload an image 

This solution is quite weird but one user found that it worked. In this method, when you select your image to change your profile pic, you will get some options from where you want to upload the image such as from archives of your system, phone gallery from Google Drive. Here you need to select Google Drive and take your photo from it. And you will be able to crop and change your profile pic, without any issues.

By going through these simple methods, you will be able to crop and change your PFP in Discord.

Here it is important to note that you do not require uninstalling or reinstalling the Discord app on your smartphone to resolve this issue.

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