Fix Diablo 4 Disconnected in Ashava World Boss

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Diablo 4 is out now and it is the ultimate action RPG but unfortunately, many players are not happy with the game as they are encountering multiple issues such as stuttering, FPS drops, performance issues, not launching, crashing, and a few others. Lately, many players are reporting that their game gets disconnected in Ashava World Boss. Ashava can be challenged by up to 12 players and will provide you with legendary rewards but it is quite frustrating when the game disconnects during the battle with the first boss.

Disconnection-related issues mostly occur to your internet connection. However, there could be multiple reasons why you are experiencing the Diablo 4 disconnected in the Ashava World boss issue. This issue can also occur at any point in time while playing the game. Below we show you all potential methods to get rid of this problem.

How to Fix Diablo 4 Disconnected in Ashava World Boss

Before you start the following troubleshooting guide to fix Diablo 4 disconnected in Ashava World boss, make sure to update GPU drivers, Windows, and the game to the latest version. If any of these are outdated, you may experience this issue. If they are already updated and still you are facing the problem, then here are the methods you can try.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

First of all, make sure your internet connection doesn’t have any issues and it is working fine. A poor and unstable connection can cause multiple issues including Diablo 4 keeps crashing or closing issues on the PC. You can also try the following steps to troubleshoot your internet connection issues.

– Try using a different WiFi (If available)

– Try resetting your router or modem by unplugging the power cable from the router/modem, waiting for about 2 to 3 minutes, reconnecting the power cable, and checking if that worked

– Switch your connection of WiFi to Wired/Ethernet

– Disconnect other devices from the network to improve the speed and performance of your gaming device as well as game

2. Disable VPN Service

If you are using any VPN service to connect and play the game, it might cause this issue. So, try removing it or disabling it temporarily and then relaunch the game. It should help to resolve the issue.

3. Check for Malware

Sometimes, if your system has been infected by Malware, it might not function properly and cause disconnected issues in Ashava World boss in Diablo 4. In that case, you need to use Malware Software to enhance the security and privacy of your PC. In addition, it can identify and block potential threats before the game can cause harm.

4. Disable Firewall Program

A firewall program installed on your PC is designed to block some unauthorized accesses while allowing authorized communications. But sometimes it prevents the game from running properly and causes multiple issues so try to disable the Firewall program temporarily and check if that trick worked.

That’s it for this guide. Hopefully, one of these methods will help you to fix Diablo 4 disconnected in Ashava World boss.

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