Destiny 2 Error Code Kale

Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Kale

January 11, 2020 By Harsh Clif

Destiny 2 is an awesome online-only first-person shooter game that was released in 2017 after the massive success of Destiny. Millions of people play the game day in and day out; this puts a strain on the game server and reports of error with the game are common. While some issues are from the server end, most arise due to your home network or device. As the game requires you to be connected with the Bungie server at all times, a slight bandwidth fluctuation or weak signal might result in an error. A recent error that has been troubling users in the Destiny 2 error code Kale. Bungie is actively investigating the issue to provide a resolution. Check Bungie Twitter Help for updates. In the meantime, we have scoured the web to find solutions to the kale error that worked for most users.

With any of the Destiny 2 errors, there are certain things you can perform to ensure your bandwidth or the connection is not the problem. The first is using a wired internet connection as the Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot can be volatile at times causing a disconnect with the Bungie server. For console users, try clearing the cache. Sometimes using a VPN also helps if the server is experiencing a massive amount of traffic from a particular server which is the cause of the error.

It is also recommended that you cease all bandwidth-intensive tasks such as downloading, file transfer, and streaming that can cause slow bandwidth for Destiny 2 game. Sharing the bandwidth with other devices and programs is also discourages. You should also close any other game that might be running in the background from the same account. Reinstalling the game is the last scenario, but that seems to fix most problems with the game.

Cause of Error Code Kale in Destiny 2

If you encounter the Kale error repeatedly even after checking all connection and restarting the game, your system might not meet the minimum system requirements for running Destiny 2.

For users who are on console, obviously, this does not apply. You might have an error with the game file or faulty connection. Here are some ways to fix the problem.

Fix 1: Check Minimum System Requirements

If your system does not meet the minimum system requirements specified by Bungie, then, the most probable cause is the system specifications. Upgrade the system to meet the minimum requirements. Here are the system requirements recommended by Bungie for playing Destiny 2.

Bungie Destiny 2 Minimum System Requirments

Fix 2: Update Graphics Card Drivers

A corrupted or faulty driver can also be the cause of the Kale error, so update the drivers to resolve the problem. Doing this is simple enough, follow the steps:

  • Right-click on My Computer or This PC and select Properties > Click on Device Manager (you can also follow this path Control Panel > System and Security > System > Click on Device Manager)
Update Graphics Card
  • Go to Display Adapter > select the Graphics card and right-click
  • Click on Update driver and follow the on-screen instructions to update the drivers.

Once done, restart the computer and Destiny 2 Kale error should have disappeared by now.

Fix 3: Close Other Programs or Games

This solution applies to both PC users as well as console users. On your console, if you have other games open in the background, it might be using the resources of the console causing the error. So, it’s important that you close all other games before playing Destiny 2 to avoid the Kale error.

For PC users, close all programs and try running only Steam and Destiny 2. If your system meets the minimum system requirements, suspending all other programs might help you avoid the error. Some programs like Photoshop and other processor-intensive software can consume a lot of computer resources causing the issue.

Fix 4: Clear Console Cache

Just like your internet browser, the console also stores cache which includes game files and temporary data that helps the game run faster and more efficiently as you do not have to download the game file every instance. Every once in a while, the temporary files of the game can become corrupted, overwritten, or some other code malfunction can occur which can prevent the game from establishing a connection with the server, maintain connectivity, load the game, or create other issues. Deleting the cache files allows you to remove the defective game codes stored in the console and allows the console to download fresh game files and store them. Here are the steps to delete the cache from your console.

  1. Shut down the console.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the console once it has completely shut down.
  3. Let the console sit idle for 5 minutes for all operations to end and the console powers down completely.
  4. Put the power cords back and restart the console normally.

Open the game and check if error code Kale still appears.

Try these 4 fixes to resolve the Destiny 2 error code Kale. If the problem is not resolved try other fixes for other errors highlighted in the below posts.

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