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Destiny 2 Error Code BEAGLE is one of the most frustrating errors in the game because Bungie themselves suggests deleting the game in order to fix the error. But, the frustrating part is even after deleting such a massive game, your error may not be resolved. The official page on the error suggests that the error can occur when there is an issue with the hard drive. Like with any error, the first thing you should do when you are hit with the Beagle error is to reboot the system and attempt to play Destiny 2. If that does not work, here are some other solutions you can try.

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How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code BEAGLE

The first solution that Bungie suggest is to reinstall the game and they say it fixes the Destiny 2 error code Beagle in most cases, but due to the huge size of the game, not everyone may want to do it. So, we suggest that you try some other solutions, and if that fails, reinstall the game.

  1. One of the fixes that work to resolve the error is to move the game to an external SSD. Once you have moved the game to a new SSD, move it back and the game should work. This is a temporary fix that has worked for a few users. This fix works best for PS5 but should work for PC and Xbox as well.
  2. It seems the Destiny 2 Error Code BEAGLE occurs more on the PS5 than any other console or PC. One of the reasons could be the Rest Mode. If you have the game running and the PS5 goes into rest mode, you can see the error. Don’t put the PS5 in Rest Mode and disable Automatic Power Savings this may help you prevent the error.
  3. Could be an issue on the server end. If a lot of people are getting the error, go to the Twitter handle of the game and look for acknowledgment or word from Bungie. Last year, the Beagle error occurred for a lot of people and Bungies eventually fixed it. But, if it’s just a small number is users with the error, it’s unlikely the problem is with the game.
  4. If the above solutions did not work, reinstalling the game might be the next thing you want to try. The Beagle error in Destiny 2 basically means an issue with the SSD or the HDD. It could be physical damage or corruption of game files. Steam for some reason fails to fix the issue and it requires a complete reinstall. It may also help you check the RAM for issues.
  5. If you are going to delete Destiny 2, then do this after you have deleted the game. Try to install any other game and check if that works. If the other game installs fine, then reinstall Destiny 2.

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These are the best solutions you can try to fix the Destiny 2 error code BEAGLE. We will update this post when we have other fixes or the issue remerges.

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