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Fix Destiny 2 Coup De Grace Bug | Can’t Destroy Black Orb/Residual Energy

Fix Destiny 2 Coup De Grace Bug - Can't Destroy Residual Energy

Coup De Grace is the new quest in Destiny 2 that went live a few days back, but the mission has a variety of bugs. During the mission, you are required to hunt down High Celebrant of Xivu Arath. Once you find the High Celebrant, the onslaught begins and at a certain point you will need to chase the beast, but in order to visit the each new area you have to destroy the black orbs or the residual energy orbs.

The Destiny 2 Coup De Grace bug makes it impossible to destroy the black orbs/residual energy orbs making it unlikely for the player to complete the quest. Besides this bug, there is another bug that does not spawn the right loot after you have defeated the boss. If you find yourself stuck with either of the bugs in the game, keep scrolling for workarounds.

Fix Destiny 2 Coup De Grace Bug | Can’t Destroy Black Orb/Residual Energy

After talking to Crow, you can go and find the High Celebrant in Dreaming City.If you have deployed the right Lure the boss will spawn and after it takes some damage, it will start moving and you’ll have to chase the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath across the vast Ascendant Plain. In order to go to the new areas, the block orb or residual energy orb needs to be destroyed, but if the quest is bugged, you won’t be able to destroy or shatter the orb, stopping you in your progress and you won’t be able to complete the quest.

Fix Destiny 2 Black Orb Not Destroying Coup De Grace Bug

It’s an annoying bug and Bungie is aware of it. The only way to fix the Black Orb/Residual Energy orb not destroying bug in Coup De Grace is to restart the mission. Although some players were able to destroy the orb by not hasting the process, the workaround is only effective for a small number of players.

For players who can shatter the orb, there is another bug that appears after you have defeated the enemies. The bug is that the reward does not spawn. Bungie has released a workaround for it reward bug in Coup De Grace. Don’t kill the High Celebrant too soon. Slow down the fight and the process of taking down the boss and the right reward will spawn. You may also have to repeat the mission a few times for this to work.

So, here is what you need to do in brief. When chasing the boss, wait for a while before shattering the black orb, if that does not work, restart the quest. If the rewards are not spawning, slow down the fight with the High Celebrant and repeat the mission a few times.

Rest assured, Bungie is aware of the Coup De Grace bug and is working on a fix. You should have a permanent solution in the next patch for the game. That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for weapon farming guides and error solutions.

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