Fix Deathloop Stuttering, Freezing, Low FPS, and Lag

Fix Deathloop Stuttering

Crashing and stuttering are two of the most common issues with games on mid and low range PCs; however, poor optimization of the game can have the same problems on high-end devices as well, even the PS5. Before, you let out your anger towards the devs, it’s worth noting that some settings on your end may also be responsible for the stutters. One of the first things to ensure when you encounter the Deathloop stuttering, freezing, low FPS, and lag is to ensure your system meets the requirement to play the game.

Deathloop is a pretty well-optimized game, but if you run into the game stuttering at specific scenes, there are certain things you can do to boost Deathloop performance. Stick with the guide and we will share some tips.

How to Fix Deathloop Stuttering, Low FPS, and Lag

Drop in FPS is one of the most common causes of stuttering. Also, if you are playing online and the internet connection is not stable, you can face issues such as stuttering. Here are some things you can try to fix the Deathloop stuttering, lag, and FPS drop.

  1. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection, preferably a wired internet connection while playing online.
  2. Play the game on Fullscreen Mode rather than other modes. Windowed mode is known to cause stutter in games. Whereas, if the game is crashing, try to play in Windowed mode.
  3. Play the game on default settings. If the game still stutters, reduce all the settings.
  4. If you are playing the game using the Steam client, disable the Steam Overlay as it’s known to cause stutter in games.
  5. Run the game in a clean boot environment, so there’s no background applications causing the stutter and lag. Refer to this post for steps on clean boot.
  6. If Deathloop freezes and there is drop in FPS when you click on the mouse, set the mouse polling rate to 125 or something around that.
  7. If Deathloop is stuttering a lot, limit the FPS. Go to the Graphics Settings of the game and limit the FPS to match your display Hz or 1 above. If that does not work, cap the FPS to 60.
  8. Do not overclock any component of the system. OC destabilizes the GPU and CPU causing the application to stutter.  

Settings to Boost Deathloop Performance

Here are some settings to further improve the performance of the game on your device.

  1. VSync – On
  2. Frame Rate – 60
  3. Low Latency Mode – On
  4. FidelityFX Super Resolution – On
  5. Antialiasing – Off
  6. Motion Blur – Off
  7. Depth of Field – Off
  8. Lower Shadow Quality

That’s all we have in this guide. We hope the Deathloop stuttering has reduced or at least improved.  

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