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Fix Death Stranding Stuck on Loading Screen or Infinite Loading Screen

Fix Death Stranding Stuck on Loading Screen or Infinite Loading Screen

After some delay and long waiting, we finally have Death Stranding on PC, but players who jumped to play the game are reporting the game stuck on loading or infinite loading. There are several possible causes of Death Stranding stuck on loading screen or infinite loading screen. Corruption of game files seems to be one of the possible causes as users face this problem at certain chapter of the game; while for others the game gets stuck at 0% loading and not budge further than that.

At this point, you should note that Nvidia released a new software for its Game Ready Driver that extends support for Death Standing. The game also requires a stable version of DirectX 12, which comes with the 2004 Windows update. An instable DirectX 12 or an outdated driver can also be cause of the game stuck on loading.

Sometimes, it’s might just be an initializing problem with the GPU or the processor and a simple restart can solve the problem. Follow the post for a quick solution to the Death Stranding infinite loading screen and other loading screen problem in the game.      

Fix 1: Resolve the Infinite Loading Screen in Death Stranding

Most users who faced the infinite loading screen were just past Chapter 3 and starting the next Chapter. If you are one of them, the fix to the problem is simple. Close the game and from the Steam client home, select Steam on the top-left corner, choose to Go Offline.

Now, open the game and play through Chapter 3 in offline mode. Once the chapter is complete, save the game and restart the Online mode.

You could also try and turn off the auto login from the game settings. It’s also known to fix the problem with the game.   

Fix 2: Restart the System

For players, who face the Death Stranding stuck on loading screen, you must restart the system. Close the game and the Steam client and restart the game. If the issue is because of initializing errors, which happens most of the time, your problem will be resolved after a simple restart.  

Fix 3: Update the Graphics Card Drivers

Although an outdated graphics card driver causes the most loading problems, it’s a gamer’s modus operandi to keep all drivers and software updated on the system. This includes the OS, audio drivers, motherboards, processors, etc.

So, first update the graphics card drivers and check if Death Standing fails to load. Nvidia recently released Game Ready Driver that extends support for Death Standing and other recent games. Here are the link to both Nvidia and AMD drivers you need.

Nvidia Game Ready Driver

AMD Radeon Software Driver

Select your OS and other specs and download and install the software. If the problem persists, update everything from OS to audio drivers and check again.

Fix 4: Repair Game Files

If a game is corrupted or some of its files are missing it will most definitely cause Death Stranding Stuck on Loading Screen. It could be at the start of the game or in mid-game. Both Steam and Epic Launcher provide you the option to scan and repair missing or corrupted game files. Here are the steps for both clients.

For Steam

  1. Launch the Steam client
  2. From the LIBRARY, right-click on Death Stranding and select Properties

For Epic

  1. Launch the Epic Games Launcher
  2. From the Library menu, locate Death Stranding
  3. Click on the three dots
  4. Select Verify

Once the process completes, try playing the game and check if the Death Stranding loading problem still exists.

Fix 5: Update the May 2020 or 2004 Update

Finally, if nothing else have worked so far, you must update the operating system to the latest build – the 2004 update. The new update has a lot of hot fix for compatibility errors and has the DirectX 12 Ultimate – a more stable version of DirectX 12. To install the update, you simply have to head over to the Windows Updates and check for updates. Once the update is complete, try running the game.

We hope the above fixes have resolved the Death Stranding Stuck on Loading Screen or Infinite Loading Screen. Check our other guides on the game to fix other problems.  

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