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Fix Dead by Daylight Xbox Series X|S Softlock Or Crashing On Multiplayer

Fix Dead by Daylight Xbox Series XS Softlock

Dead by Daylight is a horror game developed by Behavior Interactive. The game recently launched for the next gen-consoles – Xbox X|S. With the relaunch of the game on new console, the franchise looks to improve the multiplayer title and in the process attract new players. However, users on the console who purchased the game are reporting an error that preventing them from joining online matches. Needless to say, Dead by Daylight Xbox Series X|S Softlock is a critical bug and needs to be fixed immediately. Stick around and we will help you resolve the issue with Dead by Daylight on Xbox Series X|S.

Fix Dead by Daylight Xbox Series X|S Softlock Or Crashing On Multiplayer

Both the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft are experiencing a range of technical issues, but it’s expected with any new technology. The Dead by Daylight Xbox Series X|S Softlock is just one of several issues on the new console. Recently, Watch Dogs Legion was overheating the console until crash, but the issue has been fixed by Ubisoft.

The Softlock in Dead by Daylight happens right after players download the game and attempt to join the multiplayer games. For lucky players, the issue resolves on its own and after a bit of waiting the game launches, but a vast majority are complaining that the game crashes after a brief waiting. Unfortunately, Dead by Daylight is one of those games where crashes are usual irrespective of the device. Let’s look at some possible solutions to the game crashing on multiplayer on Xbox Series X|S.

Quit a number of players have reported that multiple attempts to launch the game eventually allows them to join the online lobby, but that’s far from the ideal solution. Some players are able to get in with few tries, while other fails even after excessive relaunches. Far from the solution you would expect, but the game is glitches and there is nothing you can do on your end. Your best bet is the developers resolve the issue quickly.

Currently, the Xbox Series X|S comes with a limited library, which makes having the game on your system a burden if you can’t play it. But, given the widespread problem, the developers should soon address the issue and you should be able to play without crash. The good news from all of this is the developers are aware of the issue and have said they issues has their fullest attention and they are working on releasing a fix soon.         

On an entirely different issue, players on the Xbox Series X|S is facing issues where they are unable to launch EA Play and BBC iPlayer, you can read more about the issue by following the links.

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