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Fix Cyberpunk 2077 “Don’t Lose Your Mind” Quest Bug

Fix Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t Lose Your Mind Quest Bug

Players seem to be facing another issue in Cyberpunk and this is an annoying one. The bug that the players have to deal with this time tarnishes the game experience during the main quest. The bug makes progress in the “Don’t Lose Your Mind” quest near impossible and the recent patches have failed to patch the bug. Read on to find how to fix “Don’t Lose Your Mind” quest bug in Cyberpunk 2077.

What Is “Don’t Lose Your Mind” Quest Bug

This bug also goes by the name “The Driver’s Seat Bug” since it basically blocks the entry to a car that you just received. The entrance is either blocked or the car looks already destroyed and might be in an upside-down condition.

Even if you try to replay the quest, the same issue arises every time. This being the main quest makes the player’s progress handicapped and therefore he/she cannot continue further in the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 “Don’t Lose Your Mind” Quest Bug | Fix It Using These Methods

CD Projekt had claimed that this issue was resolved with the Hotfix 1.05 but that doesn’t seem to be the case. An official fix to this is still awaited.

Luckily, players around the globe have been working hard to beat this and a few of them have suggested some quick fixes on Reddit and other forums –

Note – these hacks might not work for everyone as they are very specific and claimed by certain players only.

  • Jumping over right next to it – One Reddit user commented that by constantly jumping right next to the car, it moves a few inches unblocking your path to enter the car.
  • Another suggested to start with an AutoSaved version right before talking to Del. You can try to reload the game several times for this hack to work if the first time fails you. This should then see you through the next time you reach the car.
  • Multiple comments mentioned to keep blasting grenades right next to your car, the impact of which will clear up space around your car and you can then squeeze into the vehicle.

So try these hacks yourself and if you are lucky enough, you should be good to go. Although these issues once again dent CD Projekt’s big banner image which can now only be claimed back with a bug-free version for the players.

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