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Fix Cult of the Lamb Crashing at Startup and Black Screen

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Cult of the Lamb is the latest rogue-like action-adventure game by Massive Monster. It is going to be released on 11 August 2022 for Windows, and PS4. PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows. But like other online games, bugs and issues are expected such as crashing at startup and black screen issues. There are multiple reasons why you are experiencing these issues. Are you running into the same issues? worry not as here we offer you the most common ways to resolve these issues. Let’s learn in this guide how to fix Cult of the Lamb crashing at startup and black screen.

Fixing Cult of the Lamb Crashing at Startup and Black Screen

Crashing and/or black screen issues ruins the overall gaming experience. But the good news is that you can fix these issues and enjoy Cult of the Lamb like other players. Here we have covered all potential solutions to fix crashing at startup and black screen issues in Cult of the Lamb.

1. Make Sure to Update Your Windows

You are encountering crashing and black screen issues in Cult of the Lamb if you have not updated Windows to the latest version. Here is how you can do it:

– Press the Win + I keys on your computer and open up the System Settings.

– Click on Update & Security

– Under Windows Update, click on “Check for Updates”

– If you see any pending update, apply it and then restart your computer

– Launch the game and check if the issue is resolved or not.

2. Use a Third-Party System Restoration Tool

One of the best ways to fix crashing and black screen issues while playing any game is to use a third-party system restoration tool. We recommend “Restoro” which is one of the popular system restoration tools. The only thing you need to do is to simply install this software and it will keep running on your computer and repair any corrupted data or damaged files.

This is how you can do it:

– Click here to download and install Restoro

– Launch the app

– Press “Start Repair”

– Restart your PC and all changes will take effect

– Once the process completes, you won’t experience crashing or black screen issue in Cult of the Lamp

3. Update Graphics Drivers

If your graphic drivers are outdated or corrupted, you might encounter crashing or black screen issues while playing the game. So, here is how you can update your graphics drivers.

– Right-click on the Windows start icon on your computer

– From the list, click on the “Device Manager”

– From Device Manager, find the graphic drivers

– Right-click on your drivers and then select update

– Lastly, restart your system

4. Check the Advanced Power Options

Sometimes, your current power plan options prevent the GPU from running properly. So, make sure your graphics card is powered correctly by checking the settings.

– Open up the Control Panel on your PC

– Go to “Power Options”

– Go to your current Power Plan and then click on “Change plan settings”

– Click on “Change advanced power settings”

– In the next window, extend “PCI Express”

– Make sure, State Power Management is turned off.

5. Run the Game in Windowed Mode

You must be aware that most of the online games run in full screen or windowed mode, and if you are experiencing crashing issues with your Cult of the Lamb in Windows 10, then we recommend playing the game in Windowed mode. For this, go to video settings in your game and find out the option to run it in Windowed mode. And then check if the issue persists.

6. Check Your Hardware

If there are some issues in your hardware such as faulty memory, you experience the game crashing on your PC. In that case, simply remove the memory stick from your computer and then check if the issue is resolved or not. To perform the detailed hardware check, you can use MemTest86+. Remember, in the detailed hardware check, the process might take about an hour but it will help to resolve the crashing or black screen issue in Cult of the Lamb.

7. Check Your Antivirus

If the game crashes on the Windows PC, then the issue might be in your antivirus. Sometimes, the antivirus program prevents games from running smoothly. So, try to disable antivirus temporarily and then check. The issue should be resolved.

8. Check Your Windows Defender Settings

In terms of security, Windows Defender is a great app but sometimes, it interferes with the game. So, follow these simple steps to check windows defender settings.

– Press Win + I and open up the Settings app

– Go to the “Update & Security” tab

– Select Windows Security from the left side

– Select “Open Windows Security” from the right panel

– Go to “Virus & threat protection”

– Next, go to “Virus and threat protection settings”

– Click on “Add or remove exclusions”

– Click on “Add an exclusion”, select Folder, and select the game’s directory.

After performing these steps, if the issue persists, then disable it. For this, only follow steps from 1 to 4 from the above and then disable “Real-time protection”.

9. Remove Overclock Settings or Underclock Your Graphics Card

Many players tend to overclock their hardware to get better performance for their games but overclocking makes the system unstable. So, recently, if you have overclocked your system, simply remove it and then run the game.

Check fix 4 in the video.

10. Remove Third-party Apps

Many players have resolved the issue by removing or disabling third-party apps like FRAPS or DirectX. There are multiple methods to remove them from your system. However, the best method is to use uninstaller software. This tool will help you to remove all registry entries and files related to the app that you need to remove.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Cult of the Lamb crashing at startup and black screen issue.Also check – All achievements in Cult of the Lamb.

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