Fix Crucifix Not Working in Phasmophobia

Fix Crucifix Not Working in Phasmophobia

The Crucifix in Phasmophobia is a weakness of ghosts particularly the Banshee. The ghost will mellow down when near a crucifix, but if the Crucifix is not working when you go on an investigation, it’s a situation of worry. Lately, with the new patch, the number of bugs in the game has increased substantially. We have guides on almost all bugs in Phasmophobia, so scroll below the post for more content. As for the Phasmophobia Crucifix not working, we have a simple solution that can resolve the bug (it’s not a bug). Scroll down for more.

Fix Phasmophobia Crucifix Not Working

Players of Phasmophobia are not new the concept of Crucifix. We have watched enough movies to know that the Crucifix is a powerful weapon against ghosts, it calms ghosts down and prevents them from approaching the holder of the religious symbol. And the crucifix works the same in Phasmophobia with select ghost types. However, when the crucifix is not doing what it’s supposed to, it can be a stressful situation.

Even when the players pulls out the crucifix, their Sanity continues to fall and the repeated call “The power of Christ compels you” seems useless. It may seem as an indication that there is a bug with the crucifix. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you need to fix it.

Well! We have called it a bug, but it’s not a bug really, the problem is you are not using the Crucifix correctly. When the ghost has entered the hunt phase and is on the prowl or approaching you, the crucifix will not work. Most new players assume that the crucifix is the ultimate weapon and can keep them from getting killed by the approaching ghost, but that’s not the case. You need to use the religious symbol correctly for it to work.

I saw a video of a player doing this and it was a hilarious situation. The ghost wouldn’t stop and he kept shoving the Crucifix at the ghost.

Anyhow, the right way to use the Crucifix in Phasmophobia is to place the symbol of Christ in the ghost room and it will prevent the ghost from entering the hunt phase or increase activity. However, if you use the cross after the ghost has entered the hunt phase, it will not work or reduce the ghost’s aggressiveness.

To use the Crucifix correctly, locate the ghost room and place the cross on the ground.

It has been confirmed by the developers that there is no bug with the Crucifix and it’s how the symbol is intended to be used.

If you have found a large room, a single cross may not do the trick and your Sanity will still subside, in such a situation placing more than one cross in the room will keep the ghost from going into the hunt phase.

So, ultimately, the Phasmophobia Crucifix Not Working is not a bug, but an error in using the equipment. Use it correctly as indicated in the post and it should work fine.                 

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