Call of Duty: Vanguard

Fix COD Vanguard Lost Connection to Host Error

Fix COD Vanguard Lost Connection To Host Error

The award-winning game series Call of Duty is back with its new installment – COD: Vanguard. However, only the Beta is out now as its final version is scheduled for release on 5th November 2021 across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC. Since it is in beta, certain bugs and glitches are expected. One of the issues players are experiencing is the ‘Lost connection to host’ error. Players are complaining that they kick out of the game and an error comes that says – “Lost connection to the host” and so, they are not able to play a single match due to this error. There are multiple reasons for this error to occur that include Local network issues, Server issues, or if the game doesn’t have admin privilege. It also arises if you’ve not linked your Activation account to for PC and the PS5 or PS4 account. If you are having the same problem, here are some of the troubleshoots you can try to fix COD Vanguard: Lost Connection to Host error.

How to Fix Lost Connection to Host Error in COD Vanguard

Lost connection usually means one of two things – either the problem is with your connection or the servers are down. Hence, before you proceed with the troubleshooting ensure that the issue is not on the server end. If you have not linked to the Activation account that may also be the cause of the error. Here are some solutions we suggest to fix Vanguard Lost Connection to Host Error.

Link Activision and and Provide Administration Access

1. Go to the Activision profile – Click here. And then log into your Activision COD account

2. Go to the Account name and then select ‘Linked Accounts’ from the list

3. Link the relevant platform profile to your COD account. For example, PS4 and PS5 players need to select PlayStation

4. Close the open again COD Vanguard on the related platform

5. (For PC users only) – Right-click and run the game as an administrator

If PC users have already linked their account, they can skip the last step.

Other Solutions to Fix COD Vanguard Lost Connection to Host Error

After completing these steps, the issue should be fixed. However, if it persists, try the following solutions.

1. Close the game completely and then reboot your PC or Console.

2. Restart your internet router and/or modem

3. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, then try to Wired Ethernet connection and vice versa

4. If possible, try to use another network connection and then launch the game. You can also try to connect the game by using Mobile Hotspot

5. While playing the game, stop the Bandwidth-intensive tasks

6. Try to play the game by using a VPN connection. For the best gaming experience, you can try ExpressVPN.

7. Resetting your Windows Network is also one of the best ways to solve this error. For this, press Windows + S and then type Network Reset. Follow the option and click on the ‘Reset now’.

If nothing works, then the issue must be on the server-side. If the server is down or under maintenance, such connection-related issues occur, and so, we cannot do anything. In that case, attempt to launch the game again after a few hours and it will start running smoothly without any issues.

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix COD Vanguard Lost Connection to Host Error. Here is the next post – COD Vanguard: Know About Weapons, Perks, Equipment, and Streaks.

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