Fix COD Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178

In the month of November, soon after the launch of the game, the developers released “Update 1.07.1” that claims to fix the infamous Dev Error 6178 and other problems with the game such as cutscene stuttering and hitching. However, even after the update, there are a large number of users who still face the error with the game. This could be related to your system configuration rather than the COD Modern Warfare.

Possible Causes and Fix for the Dev Error 6178

The Dev Error 6178 can arise due to a variety of reasons. We have listed the most probable causes and their fixes to address the issue.

  1. This problem can arise when you have enabled the In-Game Overlay and Nvidia Highlights settings in the game. Try disabling the two settings to fix the problem with the game.
  2. Error 6178 also results due to an outdated GPU driver, so, update all the GPU to the latest version to fix the problem.
  3. Lack of privileges to the game can also result in the error. Hence, you must provide administrator access to the game.
  4. If you are running the game on low-texture, this can also cause the error. So, running the game on medium or high texture should fix the problem for you.
  5. Sometimes the G-sync of Nvidia could be causing problems, disabling it from the Nvidia Control Panel has also proven to work for a number of users.
  6. COD Modern Warfare relies on Windows Page file more than other games. If you have it disabled or it’s modified, this can cause problems. Either enlarge the page file or enable it if it’s disabled.

These fixes will effectively address the Dev Error 6178. If you encounter any problem or need assistance following any of the above steps, we are always eager to hear about it. Let us know in the comments and we will provide the steps.

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