Fix COD: Modern Warfare 2 Kastov 545 magazine bug

 Fix COD: Modern Warfare 2 Kastov 545 magazine bug

The Kastov 545 is a popular weapon in COD: Modern Warfare 2, known for its high accuracy and damage. It is especially useful in close to mid-range combat, making it a go-to weapon for many players. However, the bug with the 60-round magazine attachment has been a hindrance for many players trying to use the Kastov 545 effectively.

One player on Twitter shared a video of the bug in action, demonstrating how the magazine only fills up to 30 rounds instead of the intended 60. This can be a significant disadvantage in a match, as players may find themselves constantly needing to reload their weapon, leaving them vulnerable to enemy fire.

Another player on Reddit shared their experience with the bug, stating that it occurred consistently every time they used the Kastov 545 with the 60-round magazine attachment. This has led to many players avoiding the Kastov 545 altogether, as they do not want to risk being at a disadvantage due to the bug.

How to fix COD: Modern Warfare 2 Kastov 545 magazine bug

Many players have taken to social media and forums to voice their complaints and ask for a solution to the Kastov 545 magazine bug. Some have even suggested that the developers should remove the Kastov 545 from the game until the bug is fixed, as it is not fair for players to have to deal with this issue. There are many solutions available on forums, but none of them works for users. We have mentioned some working solutions below.

Use the Base Version Magazine

While the solution is using the base version magazine attachment may work for some players, it is not a guarantee and does not solve the problem for those who prefer the 60-round magazine attachment. It is crucial for the developers to address this bug as soon as possible to ensure that players can use the Kastov 545 without any issues.

Use Different Weapons 

Until the Kastov 545 magazine bug is fixed, players may want to consider using a different weapon or sticking to the base version magazine attachment.

Luckily, we have come across a potential workaround to fix the CoD Modern Warfare 2 Kastov 545 Magazine bug. One of the players on Reddit has suggested using the base version of the magazine attachment instead of the 60 round version and it will provide the full ammunition as intended. Try this and it will help to resolve the error temporarily. 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, Infinity Ward has not yet acknowledged this bug. But, they will surely fix it as early as possible as many other players are facing the same issue with their Kastov 545 Magazine. Meanwhile, try this temporary method. It has worked for many players so it should work for you too. 

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