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Fix COD Mobile Error Download Configuration Failed

Fix COD Mobile Error Download Configuaration Failed

COD Mobile is a battle royale format FPS game that’s targeted towards the mobile phone gaming market, where PUBG, Free-Fire, and the likes reign. Ever since the launch of the game, it established a solid ground in the market, but that does not mean the game is free from errors and bugs. Every once in a while you can run into an error. The most recent to plague the community is the COD Mobile Error Download Configuration Failed. The complete error message you see on the screen is an Attention notice stating, “Download configuration failed. Make sure your device is connected to a network and then restart the game.”

Download Configuaration Failed

The error message makes it clear why you are unable to play the game, but the issue arises when players with perfectly fine connections and the internet also get the error. Stick with the post and we will tell you all about the error and what you can do to fix it.

All Possible Solutions for Download Configuration Failed Error in COD Mobile

We have observed that this issue with the connection and the error mostly occurs when there has been a recent path or major update to the game, which suggests it may be a server issue and not a problem with your connection or device. Quite a lot of time, the client failing to connect to the server is not a fault with your connection but with the server. As a large number of people jump to play the game after a Season update or any major introduction, the strain on the server can cause issues such as these. So, when you encounter the Download Configuration Failed in Call of Duty Mobile, the first thing you should do is verify the status of the servers. You can visit Downdetector for that.

If the servers are fine, the issue might in fact be with your internet connection or the mobile device. The first solution you can try is to

  1. Reboot the mobile device.
    • The phone can have bad cache or some other glitch that’s preventing a smooth connection. A simple reboot of the device should address the issue.
  2. Change the DNS server to Google DNS
    • Head to the Wi-Fi settings > Configure DNS > Toggle on Manual > tap on Add Server > enter the Google DNS first – / second –
    • Save the settings and exit. Now, delete the default server. Reboot the phone and the game should work now.
  3. Switch the ISP
    • If you do not use the Wi-Fi, but the problem occurs, try switching to another internet service provider.
  4. Try to use a VPN
    • Try to play the game via a VPN connection. You can use a free VPN. We suggest that you go with ExpressVPN, it has a free version as well as paid.
  5. Force Close the App
    • If there is a temporary glitch with the game itself that may be causing the issue, force closing and starting again should fix that.

That’s all we have in this guide, hope the COD Mobile Download Configuration Failed Error is resolved. If you have better solutions, let us known in the comments.  

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