Fix ‘Can’t Add to Cart’ Error on Steam

Fix 'Can't Add to Cart' Error on Steam

Steam is one of the well-known digital video game service providers. So far, this platform has hosted thousands of games from major game developers and indie game designers alike. However, for the last few days, some of the users have been experiencing the ‘Can’t Add to Cart’ error on Steam. They get this error when they try to make any transaction on Steam. This error comes up every time when a user presses the ‘Add to Cart’ button. If you’re having the same issue, do not worry! We are here to guide you on how to Fix ‘Can’t Add to Cart’ error on Steam.

How to Fix ‘Can’t Add to Cart’ Error on Steam

In order to fix ‘Can’t Add to Cart’ Error on Steam, there are several possible solutions. Go through the following instructions.

1. Check the status of Steam servers

This situation occurs rarely but still, it is possible sometimes that the servers of the Steam are down. In this case, first of all, contact Steam’s customer care service. If the servers are down actually, then you no need to do anything and Steam will start running smoothly after a few hours.

2. Make sure to purchase from the official site only

It is always advisable to make a transaction through the official website of Steam only. Many times, this issue occurs when you make a transaction using the Steam app. So, the best and easy solution to fix this problem is to use a secure browser.

3. Reinstall Steam

This is another solution to fix ‘Can’t Add to Cart’ Error on Steam. First of all, remove completely Steam from your PC and once uninstalled fully, install Steam again. And make sure to download its latest version of Steam from the official website.

4. Make sure to use Public Version instead of Beta

If you’re using a Beta version of Steam, it can create such issues. So, it is always advisable to use the Public Version rather than the Beta version. Switch to your version and try to run Steam, it might run smoothly without any problem.

That’s everything you need to know about the How to Fix ‘Can’t Add to Cart’ error on Steam.

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