Fix Call of Duty Warzone Error Code Pilum

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Recently a lot of Call of Duty Warzone players have been reporting an error called Pilum. This is mostly affecting the players on Xbox and we will walk you through what the error exactly is and how can you fix this if you come across it in the game.

What exactly is the Error code Pilum?

The error code Pilum seems to be mainly affecting the Xbox gamers. When players are downloading Call of Duty and attempting to play it, they are finding that they need to download additional packs in order to play the game properly. However, this is exactly where the issue starts when the players attempt to download the necessary packages to play the game they simply receive an error saying “Purchase failed, Error Code: Pilum”. It actually doesn’t explain what the issue exactly is or how you can resolve it and it is also not included in the list of known issues provided by activation some time ago.

The most probable reason for this to happen is maybe because Xbox is not realizing that the game has already been downloaded and when you’re trying to install additional packs they are not being downloaded and it is showing this particular error but it is still unclear why this is exactly happening but there are I think multiple explanations where something went wrong during the installation process of the base game.

How to Fix the Call Of Duty Warzone Error Code Pilum?

It’s not easy to fix this particular error code Pilum. We don’t know why exactly this is happening so below you will find a few fixes which we think may work in order to resolve this particular issue.

  1. First of all, just restart your Xbox. To do this just turn off your Xbox completely. Then unplug it from the main power for a minute or two and then plug it back in and turn it back on.
  2.  Secondly, try cleaning the cache of your Xbox.
  3. After this, try deleting the active downloads which may have prompted the error. In order to do this, press Guide on your Xbox controller then go to the Games & Apps option then choose Active Downloads and select Cancel All.
  4. Delete any content that was partially downloaded before this particular error occurred. For this, go to the Settings then go to the Storage and delete any content with a yellow exclamation mark next to it. After this, try downloading the content once again.
  5. Download and install the Call of Duty multiplayer pack if you haven’t done it yet. You may try to do this from the Xbox home page. If this doesn’t work then go to the Microsoft store and then download it from there instead.
  6. If all of the above steps don’t work then just uninstall your game completely and uninstall all of the content that you downloaded along with it. Then just reinstall the game from scratch and download all the additional files. Once the installation has finished, go online and check if the error is still occurring.

If you have followed all the steps above and nothing works then the last resort is to contact Activision with this particular error code and see if they can give you a solution for it.

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