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Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Dev Error 6347

Fix dev error 6347

There is little known about the cause of dev errors, but their wide occurrence has resulted in effective fixes. However, there is no one fix that resolve the error, which is what pains players. You have to try a bunch of fixes to determine what fixes your problem or gets you in the game. A recent error users have reported and reemerged is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone dev error 6347. As usual there is not much info besides a fatal error message with the error code and a link to activation customer support. Let’s have  a look at some of the fixes that have resolved the error. At this point, you should have all drivers both audio and video updated on your system as well as the operating system. It’s a gamer’s modus operandi. You should perform the updates every few weeks or whenever a new patch for the software is released.

Let’s have a look at the fixes.

The first fix we suggest is running the game with admin permission. It cannot be stretched more without sufficient privileges, the game has a greater chance of crashing. Admin privileges are not provided by default on Windows. To run the game with admin permission. Type the game name in the Windows search tab and select to Run as an administrator.

Fix 1 - Run COD MW as Admin

As the second fix, we are going to try and repair the game from the Battle.Net client. The client provides a simple and effective way of accomplishing this process. If there is any corrupt files that’s causing the issue, this feature of Battle.Net will replace it with a new file. To complete the process, open the Battle.Net > Go to Call of Duty: MW > click on Options > Select Scan and Repair. Allow for the process to complete and then launch the game, check if the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Dev Error 6347 still appears.

Scan and Repair - Battle.net

If the error still persists, we are going to try and update the Nvidia driver software. We can do it easily using the GeForce Experience. Simply open the software and on the right-hand corner, click on check for updates or if there is an update you will see the option to Download right below the check for updates. Complete the download and install. Hopefully, this fixes your problem.

check driver update

In the next step, we will disable Discord Overlay to fix the dev error 6347. It has been noted on various forums that Discord overlay causes issue with the game. While you are at it, disable any other overlay or recording software that might be running in the background. In fact, it’s best that you disable everything except the game from the Task Manager. To disable the Discord Overlay, open Discord > go to User Settings > click on Overlay under the App Settings > toggle off the Enable in-game overlay.

Disable in-game overlay

For the fifth fix for dev error 6347, we are going to delete some files from the Modern Warfare folder and run the Battle.Net Scan and Repair to download new copies of the file in an attempt to fix the issue. So, let’s locate the download location of Modern Warfare. Once you have identified the folder, open it and delete everything except the folders, Modern Warfare Launcher and Modern Warfare .exe. Note: You do not delete the folders and the files with the game icon. Once you have deleted the files, relaunch the process to Scan and Repair from Battle.Net and the issue should be fixed.

If nothing has worked so far, you and try and reinstall the game. It has been known to resolve the error for a lot of users.

That’s all for now. Let us know in the comments if you have a more effective solution.

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  1. Lo pude solucionar eliminando los archivos etc etc en la ultima opcion !! recomiendo hacer directamente ese paso para evitar perder tiempo !! Gracias por el aporte !!

    1. Thanks for confirming that deleting files from the MW install folder worked for you.

  2. Muchas gracias

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