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Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Install Suspended on PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 users attempting to play the Call of Duty Modern Warfare or the Modern Warfare 2 Remastered are faced with the Install Suspended error. The issue prevents the game from installing on your system and can render you unable to play the game. If you are wondering why the error occurs and how you can fix the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Install Suspended on PlayStation 4, you can relax as we have the answer to these questions.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Install Suspended

If you have encountered the Install Suspended error, you need to verify the additional downloads of the game. The game installs in multiple parts and if you have missed downloading each of the add-ons, the error can arise. When all the add-ons are not installed, the game does not have all the content available for launching the game, which leads to the error.

You will still be able to play the game, but once you reach the section that was not downloaded, the game will give you the Install Suspended error. For example, if you encounter the message when launching the campaign, the campaign add-on is not downloaded and it will have to be verified. If the error occurs when trying to play in the multiplayer mode, the multiplayer add-on may be missing.

To sum up, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Install Suspended error on PlayStation 4 occurs when all the add-ons of the game is not completely downloaded. Now that we have identified the problem, the fix is pretty simple.

Fix Install Suspended Error on PS4

The simplest fix for this problem is installing the game again, but since it can be a lengthy process, you can download the specific files that have not yet been downloaded. To download the pending add-ons follow the below steps.

  1. Start the PS4 and go to Store.
  2. Locate Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  3. From the COD MW store page, find the Add-Ons button.
  4. Search for the add-ons still pending download.
  5. Download the files.

If you want to download a fresh copy of the game, select the option to re-download the game. If you do this, check the download status of the game before you start playing.

 Modern Warfare Install Suspended occurs when you have one or more add-ons of the game that is not downloaded. To fix the issue, simply download those add-ons and the game should work normally.

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  1. This game was a rip off from day 1. It took over 6 hours to install and had less than that in campaign play. The multiplayer worked for awhile then when I had to do the most recent update, the install suspended nonsense started. I tried your fix. This process took another five hours. When it was completed still show install suspended. I finally fixed the problem by inserting the disc…into my trash can. Last COD game I will ever waste money on!

    1. i fixed it super easy i just clicked on the one that wasnt downloaded and i downloaded it. it worked fine after

  2. I have the same install suspended issues and it not available in the store!

    1. Same as me. The add ons are not available it’s trash

  3. I have everything downloaded on that screen. And when in the game I click on multi player it says there all downloaded. I was even playing them all yesterday. But now it’s saying installation suspended. Why is this?

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