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Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Windows 10 Compatibility Issue

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The Call of Duty: The beta for Modern Warfare 2 Campaign is out now and CoD fans have already started testing the new features brought by Infinity Ward. But some gamers are encountering issues including crashing, won’t start or game progress not saving, and several others. Lately, many players are complaining that they are running into the Windows 10 compatibility issue. Well, this is a common issue and can be fixed with some simple troubleshooting steps. In this guide, we have covered all the potential solutions to fix Windows 10 compatibility issues in CoD Modern Warfare 2. 

Fixing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Windows 10 Compatibility Issue

There could be multiple reasons why compatibility issue is occurring in CoD Modern Warfare 2 such as:

– Your OS is outdated

– You have unintentionally enabled compatibility mode 

– You have Windows 8 (This game can run only on Win 10 & 11)

– Minimum system requirement to run this game is Win 10 – 64 Bit (Latest update)

Try the following workarounds to fix this issue.

1. Update your Windows

One of the main reasons why you are encountering Windows 10 compatibility issues in CoD Modern Warfare 2 is that your operating system is outdated. So, first of all, simply update your Windows to the latest version. To do this:

– Open up the Start menu and select the gear icon to open Settings

– Select “Update & Security” and then select “Windows Update”

– Select “Check for updates”

– Then the downloading and installing process will start automatically

– Once done, relaunch the game and the issue should be gone

2. Switch Off Compatibility Mode

As we have stated above, you are having Win 10 compatibility issues in MW2 if you have accidentally enabled compatibility mode in Steam. So, switching off compatibility mode is the next method to resolve the issue.

– Right-click on the Steam client and go to Properties >> Compatibility

– Turn off Compatibility mode, click on Apply, and then Ok

– Open up Steam >> right-click on MW2 >> Properties >> Local Files >> Browse

– Right-click on CoD >> Properties >> Compatibility

– Lastly, turn off Compatibility mode >> Apply and Ok

After switching off compatibility mode, you won’t face any issues in launching MW2.

That’s all you can do to fix the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Windows 10 compatibility issue.

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