Fix Bleak Faith Forsaken Black Screen Issue On PC

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Bleak Faith Forsaken is the latest open-world RPG developed and published by Archangel Studios. Although many players loved this new third-person action-adventure game that fully focused on exploration, battle, and survival, some players report a few issues with the game such as lagging, crashing at launch, and black screen. These are some of the common errors in the newly launched game. In this guide, we will show you how to fix the Bleak Faith Forsaken black screen issue on PC.

How to Fix Bleak Faith Forsaken Black Screen Issue On PC

The developer will surely release a new update soon to fix several issues the fans are experiencing from day one. While players are still waiting for the new update, here is how you can fix the Bleak Faith Forsaken black screen issue on PC.

1. Check system requirements: First of all, make sure your system is powerful enough to run a massive game like Bleak Faith Forsaken. You can check here whether your system can run this game.

2. Verify the integrity of game files: If your system already has the minimum specs and still you are experiencing a black screen issue on your PC, then the next method we recommend is to repair the missing or corrupted game files. To do this: Go to Steam >> Right-click on the game >> Properties >> Local Files >> Verify the integrity of game files. Once the scanning is done, try relaunching the game and the issue should be fixed.

3. Update your drivers to the latest version: In case you are using outdated drivers, you might face a black screen issue while running Bleak Faith Forsaken. So, try updating your drivers to the latest version and then check.

4. Enable V-sync in the Nvidia control panel: The Vertical Sync or V-Sync feature in Nvidia helps to enhance the graphics. So, try enabling V-sync in the Nvidia control panel. To do this:

– Open up the Nvidia Control Panel

– Then go to 3D Settings >> Manage 3D Settings >> Program Settings >> Click on Add then select ‘Dead Space Remake’ from the list of programs

– Scroll down and click on ‘Vertical sync’ and then select ‘On’

– Once done, restart your PC and the black screen issue should be fixed in Dead Space Remake

5. Lowering in-game graphics settings: This method should be your next move to fix black screen issue in Bleak Faith Forsaken. Try turning off the following things and then check:

– Shadow effect

– Anti-aliasing

– V-sync

– Texture details etc.

6. Close all other applications running in the background: Some apps and software running in the background can prevent the game from functioning properly. Therefore, try closing all of them and then relaunching the game.

7. Try running the game as an administrator: At times, Steam fails to run the game with admin privileges and it can eventually lead to several errors including a black screen. So, run the game as administrator and check if that worked. To do this: Close the app completely, right-click on the Steam app, and then click on “Run as administrator”.

That’s all for this guide – Hopefully one of these tricks will help you to eliminate the black screen issue in Bleak Faith Forsaken.

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