Fix Black Ops Cold War PS5 Error Code CE-107857-8 ‘Can’t Install’ and ‘Disconnected from server’ Error

With most Call of Duty titles errors are common. And the recent release of the Black Ops Cold War is not exception. The game has a range of errors on all devices including the recently released next-gen PS5. From multiplayer error, connection problems to the game crashing, users have been troubled with all sorts of problems with the game. Having said that, I still think getting past the error codes in the game is worth the promise of superior experience of playing Cold War.

Today, we will discuss two errors with the game, the first error we will discuss in this post is with PS5 with the error code CE-107857-8. The player is unable to install the game and receives the Black Ops Cold War Error Code CE-107857-8 with the message “Can’t install.”

The Second – Black Ops Cold War ‘Disconnected from server’ error. With this particular error, the user sees a black screen and then the error pops up with only the option to exit to the desktop.

If you have encountered any of the above errors, stick around and we will effective help you resolve the issue on both PC and PS5.       

Fix Black Ops Cold War PS5 Error Code CE-107857-8

There is a variety of installation errors going on with the game on PS5. Some players are only able to download a partial game, which lead to error mid-game, while other are stuck on ‘please wait’ and the disc fails to install. Others are seeing the Black Ops Cold War PS5 error code CE-107857-8 ‘Can’t Install’ game.

If you’ve encountered the problem, the most effective solution shared on various forums is to reset the PS5 completely. Thanks to the PSN, you won’t lose your saved files or the settings. After resetting the console, simply –re-download the saved files from the PSN. Here is how you can reset the PS5.

Follow the patch to reset – Go to Settings > System > System Software > Reset Options > Reset Your Console > Reset.

Resetting the PS5 is especially helpful for players who had previously transferred the PS4 data and during the transfer a corruption could have occurred. Once you have reset the PS5, re-download and install the game.

If the above solutions failed to eliminate the error, then, try creating a new account or download as a generic users rather than logging-in with your account.

Some users have also reported that they had to reset the PS5 a few times before the error disappeared.

Finally, if nothing has worked, the problem could be with the game or the servers and Activation will have to fix it on their end. Wait for a patch and hopefully, most of these errors would be fixed. Meanwhile, you can raise a ticket with Activation.    

Fix Black Ops Cold War ‘Disconnected from server’ Error

The reason why you’re unable to get into the game and receiving the Black Ops Cold War ‘Disconnected from server’ error is because your Blizzard account is not linked to your Activation account.

Once you link the two accounts, you should be able to log-in and play the game without any issue. In order to link, head to Activation and log-in with your credentials. After logging in, go to the profile section and you should see the option to link to the Battle.Net. Successful completion of the above step will resolve the error and you should be able to play the game without any issues.   


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