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Fix Black Ops Cold War ‘Not everyone in the party has required content’ Error

Fix Black Ops Cold War ‘Not everyone in party has required content’ error

The latest title of The Call of Duty franchise – “Black Ops Cold War” which was released on 13th November 2020 became available on the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

Nowadays, players are not able to see their friends connecting from different online platforms on their friend’s list and trying to joining or inviting them to their lobbies and getting the error “Not everyone in the party has required content”. 

This error has been touching the PC players the most. There are also console players who are also not able to play this game with friends from different platforms.

Even when users have installed all the available content, the message may appear and ask players to install “Multiplayer” or another part of the game. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. 

Here we will try to fix Black Ops Cold War ‘Not everyone in the party has required content’ error

Fix Black Ops Cold War ‘Not everyone in the party has required content’ Error

Here’s what you need to do to fix the error.

– Use “Quick Match” to find a lobby and then exit. 

– If you are still getting an error, users will need to close the game and relaunch it. 

– If you are not worried about that, make sure the latest patch is installed on your system.

The above should correct the occasions when the message appears incorrectly. However, if a user or a member of their group has not completely installed the game or necessary content, this will need to be corrected by downloading the relevant parts.

How to Fix the “failed/unable to join party” bug in Black Ops Cold War

To fix this error, there is a simple solution you can try to fix the error of “failed/unable to join party” bug in Black Ops Cold War. 

This error occurs due to an Activision account bug. So, try to delete and read them using their Activision account IDs:

– Navigate to the Social menu of your account.

– Choose the friends you are trying to play with.

– Select their profiles and click on the delete button.

– Add them again afterward using their Activision account IDs.

– Reboot the game of the Activision client, and now they will appear online on your friend’s list.

For some reason, Black Ops Cold War may occasionally display this error message when the user has installed all of the available content items. It’s a campaign, Warzone, zombies, and also multiplayer. 

It’s just an annoying bug that keeps popping up frequently while playing the game. Hopefully, developer Treyarch Studios will fix this issue as soon as possible.

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