Fix Black Ops Cold War Daily Challenges Not Working

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Daily Challenges offer an incredible way to earn bonus XP by playing various modes and using different weapons or getting headshots.

What are the daily challenges in Cold War?

Treyarch revealed this much earlier, on December 22, revealing that Daily Challenges can now be completed for additional XP in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer and zombie modes. 

Combined with the Double Battle Pass experience that will also be available until December 28, there will be plenty of additional experience opportunities to level up your Battle Pass blazingly fast.

Any Daily Challenges in Cold War that you swap out will retain any earned progress and it can be complete later.

Unfortunately, cold war daily challenges not showingfor many players.These exciting challenges do not support always and showing various glitches and bugs to some players. If your Black Ops Cold War daily challenges not working or updating, you are here at the right place.

Here we give you the best possible solutions if Black Ops Cold War daily challenges not refreshing.

How to Fix Cold War daily challenges not showing up

In order to fix Cold War daily challenges not updatingyou should go through some of the following solutions:

1. Restart the game

If your Cold War daily challenges not resetting, one of the best and easy solutions is to restart the game. Most of the time, this method will work. 

2. Play a round

Complete a single round in any game mode and then check the updates of the challenges after finishing that match. This is also one of the best solutions and worked for many players.

3. Wait until the daily reset time is activated

This method is quite troublesome, but many times this solution works as well. So, wait until the game challenges are updated if you’re Cold War daily challenges not changing.

At the time of writing this post, “Cold War daily challenges not updating”technical glitch or bugis still causing the same issues in the game of Black Ops Cold War Season. 

We hope the developer of this game, Treyarch Studios, will find some permanent solution for this issue. 

If you’re delving into Zombies mode to take advantage of double XP and new daily challenges, but unfortunately, if you are facing the problem of Cold War no new daily challenges, do not miss to trythe above solutions and have fun by completing daily challenges. 

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