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Fix Black Ops Cold War Calling Card Glitch/Bug

Fix Black Ops Cold War Calling Card Bug

Black Ops Cold War probably should have been in beta as the game is not well tested and there are a range of errors and bugs. Some reviews even say, the title should have been postponed for next year and the franchise should have continued with Modern Warfare. But that’s a debate for another article. The recent bug that’s affecting players is with Calling Card. When a player attempts to change the Calling Card, it goes back to default or the Adversaries calling card. It’s a stressful situation; fortunately, we have a few workaround that may fix the Black Ops Cold War Calling Card glitch. Just keep scrolling to read more.

Fix Black Ops Cold War Calling Card Glitch/Bug

There is some respite in the fact that the developers at Treyarch are aware of the issue and should be resolved in the next patch for the game. However, you cannot stop playing after having paid a fair amount. Our solutions should be able to at least allow you to continue with the game until a hotfix is released.

As we browsed the Reddit forum and an extremely long thread that discusses the Black Ops Cold War Calling Card glitch/bug and the most effective solution seems to re-log into your account, followed by using alternate Calling Card. To perform the first fix for the bug, simply log-out of your COD account and log-in again. Now, attempt to play the game and this simple step should have resolved the bug for you.

If it did not, there are specific Calling Cards that seem to be working while majority don’t. These cards are not easy to come by, but if you happen to possess them you can use those cards. As with the glitch, it seems to be impacting all other Calling Cards except animated calling cards. So, if you have those use them and see if the change happens. You can apply the cards in Barracks from the Multiplayer Menu.

At the time of writing this post, these two are the only effective solutions for the Calling Card glitch. Although several players have suggested different workaround, they don’t seem to help much. So, if the above workaround don’t work for you, you may have to wait for a solution from the developers.

If you think you have an effective solution to the problem, you can share them in the comments.

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  1. Please help, I don’t know if it has been fixed yet but the calling cards still don’t work for me. I just bought the game and I can’t equip/change my calling card and emblem. I tried reloading and re-logging into my account but still doesn’t work. Can you notify me of any fix from the developers, much appreciated!

    1. Since there are only a few reports of the glitch over the past several weeks, I think the issue has been resolved in a patch. If you are still facing the issue, try to get in touch with Activation or use the specific calling cards we shared in the post.

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